A Long Overdue RAD Update!

You might have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet around here for the past few weeks.  It’s definitely not for a lack of content, because believe me I’ve got plenty of that! I have great recaps of Marathon, Star Wars and Princess Weekends just waiting in the wings from some very talented guest writers.

The reason why they haven’t made it up here yet is that I needed to take a short hiatus from RAD for a bit. Life has taken some unexpected (but good!) turns in 2015 and because of that something had to give. Unfortunately, this was what made sense to let go of while I caught my breath.

Last year I took the leap and started my own business.  I’m VERY lucky that it has turned out to be successful and that I have numerous clients that are keeping me busy.  Running a business has been rewarding and incredibly fulfilling, however it is a lot more work than I could’ve ever expected.  I often find myself working at night and on the weekends to take care of various administrative tasks and getting myself on track for the week ahead.  Time that I had previously devoted to blogging.  This entire journey has been a learning experience and I expect to continue to learn more and experience those bumps for years to come.  That’s part of the fun right?


Probably the bigger change this year was that in early January, B and I found out that we are expecting a baby!  Early in 2014, I was also pregnant and sadly lost the baby at about 8 weeks.  It was a hard reality to face at the time, but I managed to get my life back together find great happiness in my family, friends, career and self.  It was what motivated me to make a career change, get my health issues under control and really learn to love myself.  So while that baby was never born, it had a big impact on my life.

The news that I was pregnant again was great and should have been met with overwhelming joy, but it was not.  In fact, I had quite the opposite reaction, I was terrified and became quite depressed for a few weeks.

Terrified because I wasn’t sure if I could face going through another miscarriage.  I was waiting for the 8 week mark with dread.  During my first doctor’s visit, I went in expecting the worst and was sure we were going to leave with bad news.

Depressed because once again my life was changing.  I had worked so hard over the past year on finding joy and doing the things I love…that was all about to change.  On top of that I was feeling HORRIBLE.  The morning all-day sickness was so bad that I actually lost 6 pounds in the first few weeks from not eating and the exhaustion was overwhelming.  All I wanted to do for about a month was sleep.  It made working difficult, let alone keeping up with RAD.  I also found myself resentful of B for not feeling this way too.  He was 50% responsible for this, yet he felt fine, was eating normally and could still even have a cocktail…NOT FAIR!

Needless to say, the first trimester was another roller coaster of emotions for me and I was finding difficulty in how to deal with it all.  It was hard to wrap my brain around all of this because society tells us that one should be overjoyed with the news of pregnancy and I was clearly struggling with it all.  Again, priority went to my business since that is my livelihood and something that I have worked so hard to put together and getting myself back on track to feeling good.


I’m happy to say that now 14 weeks plus a few days into the pregnancy, I am starting to feel like myself again and the excitement is really starting to kick in.  I no longer have to sleep 10 hours a night plus naps to function, my appetite is back in full force, and the nausea has subsided for the most part.  I have had numerous genetic tests done due to my “advanced age” and everything has come back normal…a huge sigh of relief!  We are now talking names, nursery design and the like….all the fun stuff 🙂


While the past few months have been difficult, they have once again allowed me to learn a lot about myself. I clearly need to manage my time better and get more organized to juggle all of the balls I have in the air…this will be especially true once the baby arrives!  Also that life’s changes don’t have to throw me into a tailspin.  Even though it is difficult at the time, there always seems to be a great outcome in the end and I just need to focus on getting there as smoothly as possible.

Looooong story short, RAD has not disappeared, it’s just been on hiatus for a bit while I’ve been figuring some stuff out.  I want to thank all of the guest writers who took the time to cover all of the events for me during this time and I PROMISE that your work will be posted soon.  I also want to thank all of my readers for not giving up on me and always being a wonderful support of this blog.  Most importantly, my family and friends for putting up with all my craziness…I’ll say it again, B is a saint.  🙂

So what’s coming up on Running at Disney this year?  Well sadly there are no runDisney races in store for 2015.  The next race on my roster is the 2016 Glass Slipper Challenge, which I’m hoping will be baby’s first Disney trip!  This means I will be looking for more contributors to cover events and give your unique perspectives on all things runDisney.  If you’re interested, shoot me an email.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing though.  Being an observer, instead of a participant, in runDisney events has given me a different perspective on everything and trust me, I have a lot of opinions about it.  I am also planning on giving the site a good revamp this year to better organize all of the information stored on this blog.  There are 3 years of runDisney knowledge, tips and tricks here that you need to be able to find!

My one and probably only Disney trip of this year is coming up in April.  I knew I had to get one last trip in before I got too big to comfortably walk around the parks.  Plus this summer is coming and I don’t do Disney in the summer heat.  If you are in WDW April 17-21, let me know so I can say hi!

2015 is turning out to be an exciting year and I hope you will all stick around and continue this journey with me. xoxoxo

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  • Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!!!
    I had TERRIBLE “All-Day” Morning Sickness with my kiddo. The combination of working in a hot environment (a bakery) in Florida with no AC in the summertime while enduring Morning Sickness caused me to lose over 30 pounds. My mom (who I hadn’t told yet), once asked me if I needed treatment for anorexia (I told her soon after). It gets better, once the nausea abates. Be kind to your body. Treat yourself. Don’t push things. Enjoy the pregnancy (I didn’t do any of these things, except treat myself to daily Icees). It’s a special time, and you will never forget it!

  • Congratulations on many accounts! I remember that all-day sickness with both my kids (and the younger is 13!) Enjoy the wiggles in the tummy (the thing I miss the most) and the knowledge that just by sitting still you are the most productive person in the room — you are growing a baby! Also congrats on the new business, that is a huge undertaking and I’m sure it’s going to be a challenge and a success.

  • Hi, Sarah!

    My husband and I will be at WDW April 19-22! Maybe we can meet up at some point and say hi! 🙂

  • Congratulations Sarah..glad you have wonderful new on the baby and you new adventure..I always love reading Rad.has help a lot.
    Enjoy you time in what ever you do..relax and stay calm and be happy..

  • That is so awesome, Sarah! Congratulations on all of your new magical adventures. Disney experiences take on a whole new dimension with a little prince/princess along! Sending you lots of pixie dust!

  • Congratulations!! My mom has said she used to keep saltine crackers on her bed side table b/c she couldn’t get up in the morning with both my brother and I!

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