Sneak Peak at the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Merchandise

Today runDisney released some photos of what you will find at the Health & Fitness Expo taking place January 7-10, 2015 during Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!  Since this is the largest runDisney race weekend you can expect to find a LARGE assortment of merchandise items from shirts, hats, pins, glasses,

runDisney WDW Marathon Weekend


Here we have some of the overall Marathon Weekend items.  As always, I love the pint glass but I especially LOVE the edition of the new runDisney Magic Band!!  Those will surely sell out quickly!

2015 Coast to Coast & 2016 In Training


Here are the designs for the 2015 Coast to Coast shirts featuring the Partners Medal design which is a great addition.  If you have your sights already set on a 2016 race, you can also pick up an “In Training” shirt to keep you motivated throughout the year.

I Did It!


Each race and challenge over Marathon Weekend features it’s very own “I Did It!” merchandise.  You can pick up one or six if them if you are taking on the Dopey Challenge!

There is also a wide variety of options that feature all the events…I’m loving the addition of tank tops this year, something I have been asking for for a LOOOOONG time!!

WDW Half Marathon


WDW Marathon


Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge


Dopey Challenge


WOW…that’s a lot of stuff!! As with most runDisney expos, it’s best to get there as early as possible if you have your heart set on certain items since they tend to sell out quickly.  It’s hard to pick favorites out of all this great merch, but I’d have to go with the entire runDisney glass set, the aqua Marathon hoodie and BondiBand, and the pink Goofy pullover hoodies as my favorites.  What will you be getting over Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend??

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  • I am currently walking about 4 miles in an hour. shen I walk alone I tend to walk faster. I would love to do a 5 K in Disney in 2016. I have my mind set on this. I am trying to do this all on my own but Iim Not sure how to go about it. I do not go to a gym no time in my life to do that I walk at lunch and when I get home from work. In Massachusetts the weather is not going to allow me to do this for much longer. But have things in mind for when I can’t. I have not seen how long this 5 k is do they allow a hour and do you have to RUN. Please Help if you can it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.. Barbara Krebs

  • What are the long narrow things in the lower right hand corner, in the goofy and 1/2 images?

    LOVE the magic band.

    Barbara, you can totally do a Disney 5k.

  • I would like to purchase a long sleeve blue shirt from the 2015 half marathon. I bought one but it was ruined in the wash. What site can I go to to order a new one.

  • Sarah,

    My daughter and I both ran our first Half at Disney two weeks ago. I was wondering if you know whether or not some of the official merchandise was still available for purchase. I would love an “I Did It!” shirt and 13.1 magnet.


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