The Kindness of the Running Community

The Wine & Dine Half Marathon Expo was, um, crowded. This was the first, and probably last, time I will show up at a race expo first thing in the morning. I arrived early because I wanted to get it out of the way so I could go enjoy my day in Walt Disney World and also to grab a pair of the Disney New Balance sneakers. It’s a good thing I did because the line was already super long 30 minutes before the Expo opened!


After grabbing the shoes, it seemed like the best time to head over to the official runDisney merchandise booth. Certain items have been known to sell out quickly so it made sense to just go there first. It was a bit chaotic, but manageable. I grabbed the few things I wanted (pins, vinylmation and a water bottle) and got in line to check out.

The morning started off chilly but quickly warmed up. Plus with all the bodies in the Expo, I was quite warm in my tech hoodie. So I tied it around my purse…something I’ve done countless times. Well sometime between paying for my runDisney merch (a remember seeing it in line!) and walking to the Expo exit, my hoodie feel off. In a panic, I retraced my steps to find it but no luck. This all happened within about 2 minutes…no hoodie!

I was super bummed because 1. it is my favorite running hoodie and 2. I was planning on wearing it for the cold, rainy race the next night. I headed up to the Services Center at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and filled out a lost item card, but had little hope that it would be returned.

What do you know? The next morning I received a call from Sharon at ESPN saying she thought she found it. Oh My! Well low and behold, when I arrived, there it was. Sharon seemed just as excited as I was to reunite me with my hoodie and she truly made my day…and race!


I’ve always thought that the running community is made up of special people. There is something kind and supportive within all of us. Probably because we have all endured the humbling experience that is running. This experience just proved that point!

So thank you kind person who found my hoodie and took it to lost and found.  Because of you I was able to run a warmer (sadly not drier) Wine & Dine Half Marathon!


Do you feel the same way about the running community?  Have you ever lost one of your favorite pieces of running gear?

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  • I’m missing a glove right now and it’s making me nuts!

    I definitely learned my lesson about going to the expos early, they’re CRAZY! Now we tend to swoop in during the last hour and it’s dead, I love it!

  • IU agree the running community is amazing! There is something amagical about these people who run. I am training for my first marathon which is at Disney. I am running for my neighbor who has leukemia with the team in training. My neighbor was in remission and was going to see me run butfell ill again and is fighting for her life. People heard that I was going to hold a “Minnie” run event by her house and they offered to come and support me and my neighbor. Some runners didn’t know either one if us.Attachment-1.jpeg

  • Aw, what a great story!

    The running community is fantastic, for the most part! Everyone is always so kind and supportive. I’m so glad someone turned in your hoodie!

    I’ve lost a few gloves and hair elastics, but nothing major. yet.

  • We met a young lady who was very, very cold. I had a few hand warmers that I gladly passed off to her because she needed them much more than I did. I wish that everyone was just a little more generous…like so many of my fellow runners it would make the world a significantly better place.

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