Animal Kingdom Construction and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon

If you haven’t been to Animal Kingdom lately, you might not know that it is currently quite the construction zone.  I was there about a month ago and was kind of shocked by the amount of construction going on. After my initial disappointment with the appearance of the park, I immediately thought of the upcoming Wine & Dine Half Marathon and how this would effect the race.

Here’s the OASIS.  For the race, the course goes to the left when you enter this area and I’m going to assume that this will cause quite a bit of congestion as we head into Africa.


The walls in Asia and going into Dinoland USA aren’t as obtrusive so I’m hoping they won’t cause a congestion problem, but they could cause the paths to be event darker than usual.



Animal Kingdom can be quite dark at night and all of this might make maneuvering a bit more difficult, so please be careful out there this weekend!  And while all these walls might cause a bit of an eyesore now, I’m pretty excited to see what will be revealed when they come down.  Might make next year’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon even better next year!

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