Transformation Tuesday: Robin Crisp

Doctors are quick to prescribe medications for fix ailments, but what if we actually changed our lifestyle to become healthier instead of just using medication.  But we all know that taking the hard road is never easy…that’s why they call it the hard road right?  Well Robin took that hard road and it really paid off! Here’s her story…  


Let me start by saying if I can do this anyone can!!


I have been overweight for as long as I can remember, or at least I felt that I was. Looking back now at pictures I realize many of those years that I wasn’t as heavy as I thought. I have been on every diet plan out there, Weight Watchers and all their numerous changes, NutriSystem, Diet Workshop, Atkins, and others I can’t even remember that are probably not even around anymore. There is no telling how much weight I lost and regained over the years.


One day in January of 2013 after getting some lab work back, the doctor told me that I had high cholesterol and was diabetic. She said I needed to be on medication. I asked that if I changed my eating and exercise habits could I correct this. Sadly the response was “no you are to far gone.” I was not happy with this answer.

I had seen many contestants on The Biggest Loser who were much heavier than I was that had been taken off their medications. My heaviest ever was 239 pounds, which was nowhere near some of these people. Her saying that and wanting to put me on medicine made me angry and something in me clicked. I told myself I was going to show her! I did take the medications briefly but after finally getting in touch with a specialist and having her point me in the right direction, I started losing weight and stopped the medicine.

Along the way I discovered running. While the gym and exercise became part of my daily routine, I didn’t love it and was unfamiliar with everything there and what to do. I had never been an athlete and didn’t have an athletic bone in my body. Then one day on Facebook a friend of a friend mentioned something about the Couch-to-5K (C25K) program and running a 5K. I thought that if she can do it, I certainly can! I looked up C25K to learn about it, downloaded the app and away I went. It was soooo hard but hey I could burn way more calories in less time than walking the treadmill so I was in! 🙂

I got to week 4 of the program and just couldn’t progress any further. Thankfully this was when I discovered Jeff Galloway and his interval running along with runDisney…I was sold. What more of a motivating factor could I ever possibly need then to run in my favorite place on earth, not to mention being able to run in costume!

I soon discovered all of the wonderful running blogs and Facebook running groups, such as #TeamrunDisney and Pacebook Running Club. The support, encouragement and knowledge on there for new runners was amazing. I never realized there was so much to learn about running and running at Disney.

I signed up for the Enchanted 10K and set my goals. At that point I hadn’t even run a 5K but knew I was already close, so surely in 6 months I would be ready. However things didn’t go as planned. I had hoped to reach my first weight loss goal of 64 pounds by Princess Half Marathon Weekend, but fell short and at that point had only lost 39 pounds. My husband was supposed to do the race with me but had to go out of town for work so I cancelled all of our reservations, I was too scared to go alone. I lost motivation after that, what was I doing all this hard work for??


Around that same time, I had joined a Facebook Enchanted 10K group and mentioned that I cancelled because I was scared to go alone. I received an overwhelming amount of encouragement and learned that most of the women in the group were also traveling and racing alone too. I was able to rebook my trip and got back to work. I loved the whole weekend and was so so glad I went!! The atmosphere and camaraderie there was incredible. I met so many nice people and have even become friends with some.


Shortly after coming home registration for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon opened and I signed up ready to attempt my first half. I’ve gone back and forth ever since about it. I go from excited one day and thinking I can do it, to the next day thinking I must be crazy, how do I think I can ever finish 13.1 miles??

Training officially started last week and unfortunately I am now restricted from running due to plantar fasciitis. I am in physical therapy and thought it would be better soon, but after no improvement the doctor ordered an MRI. Sadly, I found out that have the start of a stress fracture in my heel and that I have partially ruptured my plantar fascia muscle. So it looks like for now I will be deferring to 2015.

I now have several 5K’s under my belt and am trying to plan at least one race a month for the motivation I need to train. I signed up for the 5K and 10K at Princess Half Marathon Weekend again in 2015 and have already started planning my costumes. I thought I should at least complete one half marathon before signing up for a second.


As of today I have lost 47 pounds with another 17 to go for my first goal, then I will reevaluate how I feel. I haven’t stuck to my healthy eating plan 100% which is why the weight has come off slowly but I am trying to make positive healthy lifestyle changes and not just be on a diet. I have done this by cutting carbs and cutting out wheat and other grains due to my high blood sugar levels. I hope to get to the point one day where this all comes natural to me and is a daily habit like brushing your teeth so I don’t have to think about it all the time, but I know I can’t expect years of bad habits to go away overnight.



Has running at Disney helped to transform your life?  If so, I want to hear your story!  Send me an email at to be featured on an upcoming Transformation Tuesday!

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