Transformation Tuesday: Sarah Gee

After years of playing sports as kids, many of us (myself included) often get so wrapped up in life that exercise takes a back seat.  Problems occur when you continue eating like that athlete but aren’t burning off those calories anymore!  Sarah knows this all too well and shares her transformation story with us today.  It’s never too late for that competitive athlete to show it’s face again 🙂


I had always been very athletic in high school, playing softball, volleyball and basketball year round for 4 years. Upon graduation I went from playing all 3 sports constantly to NOTHING, I did not change the way I ate and quickly started putting on the pounds. I didn’t think anything of it, just called it the “freshman 15 (and then some).”


I graduated college in 2.5 years and began working in surgery (I’m a surgical technologist), you go long periods of time without being able to eat and when you do get to eat you just grab whatever is the quickest thing available.


My husband proposed and we set a wedding date, I was able to get some weight off before the wedding because a friend of mine basically dragged me to a local Zumba class, which I surprisingly fell in love with. We got married, I started cooking the things I was raised on and then began noticing that I was having to buy bigger and bigger clothes every few months.



January 1, 2011 I was sitting at home watching TV and a Weight Watchers commercial came on and it was then that I decided I had to make a change and this was it. I signed up that day and started my road to losing. I set the goal of wanting to lose a total of 80 pounds but 60 in a year. The weight just started falling off, I was eating my allotted points per day and I was continuing Zumba at least 2 to 3 times a week. By May 2011 I had lost 25 pounds. A friend that I had met during Zumba asked me to do a local 5k with her in memory of her friend from high school that had been killed in a car accident right after they had graduated. I said sure, why not.  I ran a couple times before the race to “train” for it. Race day came and when I crossed that finish line the competitive feeling from playing all the sports in high school came rushing back and I was hooked on running.


To say I became addicted to running from that point is an understatement. I was running 5ks almost every weekend. With the addition of running to my diet I was shedding even more weight, and by September I had lost an additional 25 pounds for a total of 50 pounds. I did my first 10k that September and loved the distance running. It was a struggle to get those last 10 pounds off to meet my goal of 60 pounds lost in 1 year but I managed to hit that goal on December 29!! I continued with WW and the weight wasn’t coming off as easily but I stuck with it. I decided I was going to do my first half marathon fall of 2012. I began training for that in June and before I ran the half I had lost 72 pounds total.




The bad thing about distance running is that I constantly stay hungry. I have been training for half and full marathons since Novemeber 2012 constitantly. I have struggled to keep the whole 72 pounds off, I have slowly been gaining it back. I feel like it could be muscle but then some of it is fat again. As of totally I’m only down 40 pounds from where I originally started but I feel like I am still healthier than I was.  As of today I have completed too many 5ks (3.1 miles) for me to count, 3 10ks (6.2 miles), 1 15k (9.3 miles), 7 half marathons (13.1 miles), and 1 full marathon (26.2 miles). I am currently training to do 1 half and 2 full marathons in a 3 week span, along with the Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, half, full in 4 days) at Disney World in January 2015.





Has running at Disney helped to transform your life?  If so, I want to hear your story!  Send me an email at to be featured on an upcoming Transformation Tuesday!

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