Yoga for Runners: Hotel Room Yoga!

With runDisney race season kicking into high gear, Danielle has the perfect post this month for everyone traveling to a Disney Park in the next few months to run.  Great tips!!


Hello Runners!

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far and are keeping cool and hydrated!

With the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend coming up later this month I thought it would be a good time to share some poses you can do right in your hotel room while traveling for races!

If you practice yoga, you may know that we often use props to help support or align ourselves in a pose – well your hotel room is full or props!  The bed. A chair. The wall.  Use them!

Here are a few of my favorite yoga poses you can do in limited space and using the “props” in your hotel room:

Triangle Forward Bend Variation

This is a great post-run hamstring stretch!

Place one leg on the bed and keeping your foot flexed slowly fold forward until you feel a gentle stretch along the back of your leg and hamstring.  Hold for 5-10 breaths.

Hotel Yoga 1 

Standing Pigeon Pose

This is a variation of pigeon pose and provides a great hip opener and piriformis stretch.

Place one leg on the bed, bend the knee into a 90 degree angle and allow the hip to open.  This may be enough of a stretch for you, but if you would like to deepen the stretch you can gently fold forward at the hips.  Hold for 5-10 breaths.

Hotel Yoga 2

(For additional variations of pigeon pose be sure to check out last month’s RAD Yoga for Runners: Happy Hips!)

Downward Dog Variation

Downward dog is a great pose to restore and stretch before or after a run.  This version uses the bed for support and gently stretches the calves, hamstrings and shoulders. 

Hotel Yoga 3

And of course, don’t forget “Legs Up the Wall” which I wrote about a few months ago!  All you need is a little wall space and you have the perfect place to relax, restore and recover!

If you have any questions regarding these poses or incorporating yoga into your routine feel free to leave a comment below or you can find me at or on Twitter at @dnardi710.

So, who will I be seeing in Disneyland??  Both my husband and I will be doing the Dumbo Double Dare (his first half marathon!), so please say hello if you see us!

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