RAD Recap for July 20, 2014

Well registration for Princess Half Marathon was a slight debacle this week.  It seems that Active is having trouble keeping up with the popularity of runDisney events.  I hope this gets fixed before the Tink on sale next month!


Were you able to get signed up for the race you wanted?  I’m registered for my 2nd Glass Slipper Challenge and my 4th Princess Half…can’t wait!

This week I’m making a return visit to Disneyland for a few days and I’m super excited!  However, traveling has set my anxiety on edge again and the Crazy Train has officially pulled into town.


One thing that has been keeping my head on straight this week has been exercise.  This morning I woke up and knew I had to go for a run to clear my head of all the ridiculous thoughts.  I went out for 4.5 miles which is the longest training run I’ve done in a while…and I felt GREAT!  Energized, strong.  Even though my knee was bothering me earlier in the week, I have been wearing KT Tape all week and had no pain today…that is the stuff of miracles!!


See that arrow up there?  Apparently my sweat beads on my shoulder.  I told my friend Kat and she said it happens all the time when I’m at the gym…so strange!  Does anyone else sweat like that?

Speaking of the gym.  I’ve made some killer progress this week.  I got a 10 pound PR on my front squat bringing it up to 145 pounds and also pulled 90% of my 1 rep max deadlift which went up pretty easy.  I hope there is a testing week coming up so I can see what I can do!


So my training for both the Disney Fit Challenge and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon are going really well!  I can’t wait to tackle these events 🙂  If you’ve got an upcoming race your training for, I hope you are reading the new Mission to Marathon series that Hannah is writing.  This week she talks about planning a runDisney runCation and has some great tips!

Unfortunately there was no Transformation Tuesday this week, but this week Chris will be sharing his story.  I also have a great guest post on how to not run yourself into the ground while training.  It’s a great piece!  And since I will be heading out to Disneyland, I will be sharing some of my favorites eats there!

Have a great week!!

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