Kill, Refurb, Marry: Disney Princesses

Kill-Marry-RefurbIt’s time for another Kill, Refurb, Marry!  This months topic is Disney Princesses. Wait..what?!?!  We need to kill a Princess?!?  Hmmm…this could get interesting 😉

Now, I’m not a big Disney Princess kind of gal.  Yes Disney’s Princess Half Marathon is my favorite race and I’ve definitely lived up to my name (Sarah mean Princess afterall!) over the years.  However I’ve never actually related to any of the Disney Princesses.  Well that is until more recently…let’s find out who.

Kill – Mulan

The main reason for this…Mulan isn’t actually a Princess at all!


Yes, she’s pretty badass and I love her message of female empowerment, but again…she’s not a Princess.  She wasn’t royal by birth and neither was her husband General Li Shang.  So why is she considered a Disney Princess?  Is it just because female protagonists automatically need to become Princesses to feed the Disney cash cow?  There’s something wrong with that…

Refurb – Snow White

Snow White…the original Disney Princess.  She’s adorable, quaint and has some quirky friends, but really…can she be more naive?!


Girl…don’t take fruit from strangers!! And I mean, the dwarfs turned out to be ok, but that could’ve ended poorly as well.  They may be small, but they out numbered her.  I’d love to see a new Snow White…a stronger, more confident girl who doesn’t rely on Prince Charming to save her.  Maybe something like Snow White in Once Upon A Time…she knows how to use a bow!

Marry – Tie: Merida & Anna

All of the reasons why I want to refurb Snow White, are basically why I LOVE both Merida and Anna.  Let’s start with Merida…she don’t need no man!


She is strong, confident and a badass with the bow!  She butts heads with her mother (who doesn’t at times!), but ultimately has a good heart and truly loves her family.  She has all of the struggles of young girls today in terms of family and equality, yet comes out triumphant in the end.  She was such a wonderful addition to the Princess Court.

Anna…oh how I love Anna.


She hasn’t technically been crowned as an “official” Disney Princess yet, but (unlike Mulan) it’s pretty clear in Frozen that she is royal through and through.  She’s awkward, quirky and basically someone most of us can relate too.  She is the Princess everyone can relate to and the one we all wish we could be…ok well I could deal better without the winter business, but you know what I mean 😉

So those are my choices…what about you?  Which Disney Princesses would you Kill, Refurb & Marry??

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  • Well said! Snow White is easily the most annoying of all Disney Princesses, and it really wasn’t until I saw how Snow was portrayed in Once Upon a Time that I really started liking her! Not the cartoon version, but the OUAT version. She is flipping awesome.

    I am very surprised Anna & Elsa haven’t been crowned yet officially.

    Can I also add something about Ariel? WHY do they have her in that green dress? She NEVER wears a green dress in the movie. Also, I hate that the princesses were ‘updated’ to be glammed up. They were fine just the way they were!

    • Yes! The OUAT version was awesome!
      That’s a good point about Ariel…I don’t know why she has a green dress. I hate the glammed up princesses as well. They want to bring them into “modern times” but the stories aren’t modern at all…makes no sense.

  • I think it’s really bizarre Disney has some official princess coronation/canonization process. If there is a princess (or princess-esque) character in a Disney movie, how is it not “official”?

  • Great point about Mulan. I never really got that either – she shouldn’t be considered a princess. And I definitely agree about Snow White too (she was almost my kill pick for those reasons). But OUAT Snow White is awesome!

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