RAD Recap for May 4, 2014

It’s May!!!  Bring on the flip flops and shorts!!  Ok well just the flip flops right now, but I’ll take it.  Look how gorgeous CT is looking!


So I have had a totally bizarro week.  Since I’m now working from home, we decided to get some home repairs done.  We’ve lived in our home for almost 5 years and have had a portable dishwasher.  Look I’m super thankful for having a dishwasher at all, but damn that thing was loud and we could only run it at night when we didn’t have to do anything in the kitchen.  So we decided to move some cabinets around and install a dishwasher.

Sounds easy right?  Well, the “Kitchen Magician” we hired not only brought a dog in my house without asking, dislodged the sink drain flooding the kitchen and took twice as long as he expected, he ALSO impaled his hand with a chisel which ended in a trip to the hospital and numerous stitches.  I seriously felt like I was on Candid Camera.  It was one thing after the other…ridiculous.

But all craziness aside, the dishwasher is in and I can’t believe I waited so long.  Best thing ever.  Well that was until we noticed yesterday that it was leaking into the basement.  I mean really??  My basement ceiling now looks like this…


What a mess!!  In the grand scheme of life, this was no big deal and I am thankful to even have a dishwasher.  However it has been a stressful, albeit comically stressful, kind of week.


Besides all that, some other interesting some stuff happened this week.  I was seriously jealous of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train media event this week…weren’t you?!?

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But with that event came the confirmation of Trader Sam’s coming to WDW (WOO HOO!) next yeear.  I’m so excited about this that I took a trip back to my visit to Trader Sam’s in Disneyland last year to get me pumped up!


Also this week I gave long overdue kudos to those final finishers at runDisney races. If you’ve never stayed until the end of a race, make it a priority next time….it’s pretty amazing.


I’m super excited to announce the beginning of a new weekly series that I will be debuting this week…Transformation Tuesday!  Every Tuesday I will be featuring a guest who has transformed their life through running at Disney.  These stories are so inspirational and I can’t wait to share them with you!!

Also this week, Danielle is coming back with more yoga tips for runners and a recap of the Expedition Everest Challenge.  Big congrats to everyone who completed the race last night!  It looked wet and miserable, but you did it!

And now to announce the winner of the super RAD custom designed tutu from Tutu-da-loo!  Sarah S. you are the big winner!  Missy and I will be in touch via email to get your custom tutu designed!  Congrats!

Have a great week!

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