Kill, Refurb, Marry: Animal Kingdom Drinks

Kill-Marry-RefurbIt’s time for another Kill, Refurb, Marry!  This months topic is a bit strange (sorry Estelle!) because it’s very specific.  It’s also something I’ve never thought much about…Animal Kingdom Drinks.  Now maybe a Grey Goose Slushe from France or even a Sidecar from the Carthay Circle Lounge from time to time, but never anything specific at Animal Kingdom.

So I decided to get a little creative here and not only look at drinks at Animal Kingdom, but also the locations that those drinks can be found…let the safari begin!

Kill Create – Dockside Drinks?

There isn’t a drink that I can think of that should be removed completely, but there is definitely something that is needed.  The area between Africa and Asia is a no man’s land.  There is nothing to see or do, so why not have somewhere to stop an rest your weary legs??  How about transforming the old boat launch that is now used as a character meet and greet area into an awesome waterfront bar!?!?!


Right?!?  This is the perfect spot! And really…look at the view!



This is a big WIN all around and I think we should start a petition to have construction begin immediately.

Refurb – Yak & Yeti

I LOVE the theming and details in Yak & Yeti, but the bar leaves something to be desired.  Well and so do the drinks…especially the shaved ice martinis.  I love the concept of this, but the flavors are horribly sugary and really, who wants a watered down martini???



So I’m proposing some comfy bar stools and a revamped drink menu…maybe something with an Asian twist!

Marry – Dawa Bar

I really do love Dawa Bar!  Well I love it when the temperature is moderate…not sure I would hang out here in July.  But it’s still a great place to relax and have a nice cold beverage.  It also allows for some great people watching in Harambe and if you’re lucky you will be able to catch one of the live performances right outside in the square.



My favorite drink to get there is the Classic Mojito.  They put tons of mint in it and event a giant sugar cane!  So so so refreshing!!


So those are my choices…what about you?  What Animal Kingdom Drinks would you Kill, Refurb & Marry??

What do you think of my waterfront bar concept?? 

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  • Great post! To be honest, I’ve never really stopped to ‘smell the roses’ in AK. I always go straight to Dinosaur, Expedition Everest, Safari, Lion King show, then usually go to Epcot for food/drinks lol! I need to actually try the food and drinks and really get immersed in the awesomeness that is AK! I do love your idea of a waterfront bar!

  • OMG I never even tried to get drinks in the Animal Kingdom! What’s wrong with me?!?!

    And I will definitely sign your petition to get that waterfront bar! 🙂

  • Hey! You did a great job with this! I love love love the idea of the waterfront bar. Let’s get it started! The Y&Y bar is a favorite of my parents and … it’s so small! I’m always shocked they managed to get a seat there. (Instead of making reservations, they tend to just sit & eat at the bar.) I would love to see them create a new drink there. It’s been a long time since that happened.

    I’m glad I picked such a strange topic 😉 Esp. since two of your readers above might have been convinced to stop and do more at DAK! 😉

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