Why I Will Never Go To Walt Disney World for New Year’s…

Photo Source: Doctor Disney

I guess this could be summed up in one word…CROWDS.  Everything about crowds makes me feel uneasy.  The long lines, waiting around, the claustrophobic feeling of being too close to strangers, the potential for stampedes…you know, all of those highly rational issues.  😉

But truly, nothing about crowds is fun to me, even if I’m at Walt Disney World.  Basically I avoid it like the plague this time of year.  I like my vacations to be relaxing, fun and include the least amount of waiting around possible.  When I start seeing things like this pop up on the internet, I start getting anxiety just thinking about being there!

Photo Source: Doctor Disney
Photo Source: Doctor Disney
Photo Source: Charles Aguillon
Photo Source: Charles Aguillon
Photo Source: The Main Street Mouse
Photo Source: The Main Street Mouse
Photo Source: WDW New Today
Photo Source: WDW News Today

If you are brave enough to tackle one of the Disney Parks today, GOOD LUCK!  Remember to enjoy the magic even if it’s a little harder to find.  Remember to be nice to the cast members who are spending their holiday making your family happy.  Remember to smile.  Remember that this is probably one of the best people watching experiences out there!

So get on that long line at Aloha Isle, grab a Dole Whip and park it on a bench for a few hours.  You are sure to make some great memories with your family and friends.  I’ll be cheering you on and crossing my fingers for no stampedes from the quiet of my living room.


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  • I would like to add Disneyland and DCA to that list of places not to go on New Year’s Eve. I worked at Disneyland back in the mid 1990’s twice on New Year’s Eve. It was so crazy crowded that I vowed never to go there to ring in the new year ever.

    It’s been fun reading your blog this year Sarah. Have a RAD new year!

  • I can’t even fathom it. I would be a mess in those kinds of crowds. We have gone a few times in the middle of summer (because of visiting relatives) and once for Star Wars Weekends, and I don’t think I could handle more than that. We’ll be visiting next week, when things should be nice and quiet. Fingers crossed.

  • For a regular guest, yes, I agree it’s insanity! But if you are a local, or AP, it’s actually kind of fun, BUT with a few conditions (1) No kids, I would be stressed about losing small family members in the craziness (2) I’d have to stay within walking distance, so either at BW/YB Club for Epcot, or BLT/Contemporary for MK. I worked three NYEs at Disney as a CM and those were among my very favorite nights to work.

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