Tinker Bell Half Marathon Moves to May in 2015

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runDisney recently announced that for 2015 the Tinker Bell Half Marathon will be moved to Mother’s Day Weekend, May 7 – 10.  I’m sure this comes from a lot of feedback from runDisney fans that the current date of the race in January is too close to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.  With the addition of the Dopey Challenge, it would be a lot for people to attempt to participate in both weekends.  However I know there are some of you out there who are doing it… 🙂

There is a bit of a downside to this change as can be seen in the comments on the Disney Parks Blog.  First is the potential for heat.  After the very hot weather over Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend this year, having the race too close to the summer months is a concern.  However, the average temperature for Anaheim in May is only 78 so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Next issue is the actual time of year.  May is a busy time of year for for many families, particularly with graduations.  Also, Mother’s Day poses as an issue for many who want to spend that time with their children instead of running a race.  I know many see this as a “girl’s weekend” without bringing the entire family.  This may change things.

Personally, I don’t have an opinion either way.  I see pluses and minuses for each date.  I am not a mother, but I do see how that weekend can pose a BIG issue for those who are.

What do you think about this change?  Are you more or less likely to participate in May?

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  • Hello, just returned from Disneyworld after two weeks of wonder!!! Would love to run in the happiest place on earth. Is the Tinker Bell run through the streets of Disneyland and is there a 10 km as well?

    Also, when is the registration date?

    Thank you so much!!!!
    Disney Fan in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

    • Hi Linda!
      A two week vacation sounds wonderful! I’m sure getting back to reality is tough after that.
      Yes, Tinker Bell is run through Disneyland and the city of Anaheim. A 10K race was added this year and I’m sure that will carry through to 2015. Registration dates have not been announced for 2015 yet, but you can sign up for email notifications for when races do go on sale here: https://www.rundisney.com/email-signup/

  • I’m more likely to run in May. I’m in So Cal so I can run with my mom, aunt & cousin in the morning and still spend time with my kids the rest of the day. The race is so early in the morning that I have no concern about the weather. Keep in mind that January and May are not extremely different temps wise here in So Cal. This year the high was 80 but the race time was absolutely perfect. We weren’t too cold in the morning and the heat wasn’t even close to starting by the time we finished. And another great benefit is that I can start training after the holidays instead of during them. I’ll have time for a better stretch and strength routine without the holiday busyness being a factor. I LOVE the change, personally!

  • This comes as a real surprise when we were planning on Jan. 2015 getting a team of ladies together, coming in from Lake Havasu City, AZ. However; we can plan accordingly. Is there a price break for a team of 8 or more ladies? Also; how can we register in order to ensure all ladies are able to run. In the past the race has filled up in the first two days. We want to make sure our entire team is registered and able to run. Can a team leader sign the team up?

    • Unfortunately there is no option to sign up as a team and there is no price break. The only real way to ensure that you all get into the race is to have EVERYONE at their computers and ready to register as soon as it goes on sale. Seeing that the Disneyland Half sold out in under an hour last week, I would register as fast as possible if you all want to get in.

  • Does anyone know when the 2015 registration for the neverland family run is available? Or if this run is moved to May as well? Also, what link is the registration? Sorry first time doing this and I really don’t want to miss out.

  • I don’t think I would participate if it were in May, January is more of a plus and the reason I started running the Tinkerbell. January seems to be less worry about traffic etc. I LOVED the 1st year at night, it was the BEST but now I think I’ll pass for May. Too many changes.

  • I am very disappointed to hear of the change made to the Tinkerbell half marathon. I am a legacy runner, but will probably not be able to participate any more due to the move in May. Mother’s Day, in my opinion, should be a time spent with our mothers and our families, not running a race. I always looked forward to the retreat to sunny California in the winter months. I hope this change is reconsidered and that the race is returned to January.

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