New Medals for 2014 Tinker Bell and Princess Half Marathon Weekends Revealed!

Ever since the Glass Slipper Challenge was announced last spring, we have been eagerly awaiting the reveal of the medals.  Well, they are finally here!


I have to say, I am a BIG fan of the blue on the Princess medal and the pumpkin coach on the Enchanted 10K medal is adorable!  I love how the medals have the sparkle every Princess deserves, but are simple and understated.  Here’s a closer look:



Also with the announcement of the new Tinker Bell 10K, we expected new medals for that weekend as well.  These are super cute!

Tink-10K Medal

Of course if you run both of these races, you will get the brand new pink Coast to Coast medal!


Princess is my favorite race weekend since it was my first half marathon, so I’m really looking forward to taking on the Glass Slipper Challenge and getting those sparkly new medals!

So what do you think?  Will you be getting any of these medals in 2014?

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