Running at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

I’m so excited to have this great guest post from my friend Marc Bigbie!  We recently spent some time at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort with a bunch of our friends and Marc was dedicated enough (unlike me!) to get a bunch of runs in.  It’s a gorgeous place to run, but I’ll let Marc tell you all about that…  

The Disney Vero Beach 10K, at least that’s what I called it. No there isn’t an official runDisney race in Vero Beach, but I did get to spend a week at this Disney beach resort in early September and discovered there’s a near perfect 10k loop right outside your balcony that I got to run it three times. There are only a few turns so you won’t get lost, it’s pancake flat, and has lots of scenery to enjoy that will have you dreaming instead of worrying about the next mile.


Start your GPS in front of the lobby and take a right turn, north on A1A, out of the resort entrance, head to the light and take a left (West) on Wabasso Beach Rd, away from the beach. You’ll be running on nice sidewalk here and likely see locals out running from the private communities lining A1A. Just a half mile down you’ll come to a dirt road with a big sign that says Historic Jungle Trail.  That’s the sidewalk where you’ll turn left and head south.


At first you’ll think you’re headed into the jungle because of the vegetation lining both sides of the road, and that sign you just passed.


But in just .3 miles you’ll start to see why this is such a great run path.  This will be the view you have for the next 2 miles. The “trail” is a wide dirt road that’s in great shape with no holes or deep sand that I encountered, and almost no traffic. If it’s just after sunrise you’ll also have some shade since the sun will be on your left behind the trees it was a little cloudy this morning.


At the end you’ll hang an obvious left onto a paved road and head back east towards A1A and the beach..  Don’t turn right thinking you’ll keep enjoying the beauty, it’s a dead end into a private community.  When you get to A1A turn left again and stay on this side of the road, there’s no sidewalk yet on the beach side.   But there is plenty of room because you’ll probably see a few more locals out enjoying the morning for the 2 miles or so back to the resort.  It’s all private communities the rest of the way, and I even had a few bikes and a golf cart go by.

Getting in the front “gate” of this resort is easier than the Orlando properties.  Many times there isn’t even a guard in the shack, but you can get to most of the rooms without even passing it.  So no worries about digging your room key out yet, it’s way more laid back at this resort. You could turn right towards the pool area though and head to the Anchors A-weigh fitness center and extend your workout on some machines or dumbbells, and if you haven’t gotten enough cardio, hit a treadmill or elliptical.


Hope you enjoy your trip to Vero Beach and keep your fitness program up while there.  It’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors so running is perfect for exploring the area and seeing the beautiful island.

Marc Bigbie is a part time ultra marathoner, part time blogger, and full time Disney lover. Visit to follow some of these passions and more.

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