Heat Advisory for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler


Are you planning on traveling into the 5th Dimension tonight?  Well it sounds like it’s going to be another sweat fest getting there, so be prepared!

Yesterday runDisney issued the following heat advisory to all participants:

Due to warmer weather than anticipated, we encourage all participants to closely monitor their pace and not overextend. This may not be the event to attempt your personal best. We encourage you to be well-hydrated prior to the race and maintain fluid status with alternating water and electrolyte based hydration options throughout your race and entire race weekend. Slow down and ask for assistance at any and early signs of heat illness. Heed these warnings seriously.

Please review the race program for more details, but as a reminder all medical stations will have the appropriate flag color displayed according to existing heat conditions:

  • GREEN FLAG – Good conditions. Enjoy the event but stay alert.
  • YELLOW FLAG – Less than ideal conditions. Participants with high risk of heat stroke should withdraw.
  • RED FLAG – Potentially dangerous conditions. Heat injury is possible. All participants urged to slow their pace and hydrate adequately.
  • BLACK FLAG – Extreme and dangerous conditions. All participants advised not to compete. Course may be shortened and no times recorded.

Race Director John Hughes also offered the following tips to help you prepare for the race tonight:

Remember to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!  This means all day today and on the course tonight.  At the water stops, mix PowerAde and water together to get some added fuel and those very important electrolytes.  And basically just try to have fun!  This is not going to be the race to try for that PR, so just go out and enjoy the entertainment!

See you on the course!

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