Friday Feast: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Snack Box

The runDisney post-race snack has gone through a few transformations over the past few years.  When I ran my first Disney 5K in 2010, we received a bag with a bagel, banana and Powerade.  Now the snacks come in a neat little box and include items for various dietary restrictions.  Over Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, a fun new handle appeared on the box…how convenient!


Let’s take a look inside…



Well this had a bunch of new stuff!  I loved the addition of the peanut butter and the Craisins.  Clif Bars don’t sit well with me but that is a great post-race refuel, and the Skittles didn’t seem like the healthiest choice so I passed on those.

In the bags were two gluten-free snacks.  First, my favorite Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers, which I quickly devoured, and a new item from 180 Snacks, Almond Pops with Blueberries.  Those were pretty tasty!


These boxes seem to get better every race weekend!  Here you can see what was in the boxes from the 2012 Princess Half Marathon and Tower of Terror 10-Miler and how they’ve improved.

What item(s) would you like to see in the post-race snack box?


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  • I got chocolate milk (from refrigerated truck) after one race in San Francisco! It really hit the spot. I liked the rice crackers a lot, the puffy blueberry thingies were weird. I just appreciate that they give us a snack box! I’m not a big fan of bagels and a banana is my “pre-race” fuel, so I don’t ever take one after the race. 🙂 Do you think they’ll give out a box after Wine & Dine?

    • I’ve heard chocolate milk is great for recovery! I also eat bagels and bananas for my pre-race meal, so I’m with you on wanting something different afterwards.
      From what I recall they do give out a box after Wine & Dine AND you get a drink voucher for a beer!! Also included in your registration is a $10 gift card to use at the F&W after party…pretty sweet!

  • I generally ignore the snack boxes but keep two cans of warm coke and a bag of salty potato chips in my bag for immediately after the race. This works for me, but I would not recommend any specific post-race snacks that you have not already tested.

    • That’s good advice to try something new. I’m with you on wanting something salty after a race as well….the warm coke is a new one though 🙂

      • At his Disney World Marathon Weekend talk this year, Frank Shorter admitted that he and other world-class runners drank defizzed coke during marathons back in the 70’s (pre-Gatorade). Apparently some runners still do so.

        I’ve never tried it during a race, but the coke and chips might have saved my life after this year’s (absolutely brutal) WDW marathon.

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