RAD Reads and Weekly Review: August 25, 2013

Well here we go!  The trip to Disneyland has officially began!  We are taking a few days to visit family in Colorado before heading out to California on Wednesday.  I’m a mixed bag of anxiety and emotions (read all about that here) and to be honest, I still feel like this isn’t really happening?  Am I REALLY going to Disneyland?  Whoa.  I think I’m ready.  I’ve done so much research to get ready for this trip that it would be sad if I wasn’t.  It’s just the fear of a new place and the unknown that is getting my nerves all razzled.

If you are coming out for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, please remember to come to my Disneyland Half Marathon RAD Meet-Up on Saturday, August 31st at noon!  Make sure to RSVP over on my Facebook page so I know how many are coming 🙂  Hope to see you there!

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new on Running at Disney this week:

And here’s what’s been happening over on RAD Living:

The RAD Reads are going to get pushed to next week because I’ve really gotten behind on all my blog reading this week trying to get ready for my trip.  But I have a few saved and will have a great bunch for you next week!

Weekly Review
I felt like I seriously killed it in the gym this week!  This was a testing week at my box and it’s always so fun to see you’re progress 🙂  I managed to get to the gym four times and while there cranked out 4 new PRs!  The 2 I’m most proud of are my 500m row time and my clean & jerk.  I was finally able to get the 500m row under 2 minutes to 1:58 and this was after a killer workout of dead lifts and burpees!  I know I can do better, but I’m super happy with that for now. And the clean & jerk…um, did I really lift 98# over my head?!?!  YUP!  My upper body strength has always been my weakness, so to be able to lift close to 100 pounds from the ground to overhead is quite amazing to me.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do that.  It was only a year ago that the 10# dumbbells I was using in my basement seemed super heavy.  Not anymore… 🙂

Check out those calf muscles!
Check out those calf muscles!

Here are the rest of my workouts from this week and to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: Rest
MondayCrossFit: Back Squats, Pull-ups, Thrusters & Row
TuesdayCrossFit: Hang Power Snatch, Power Clean, Dead Lifts & Burpees
Wednesday: Rest
ThursdayCrossFit: Shoulder Press, Push Ups, Air Dyne
FridayCrossFit: Squat Clean, Split Jerk, Front Squat, Sled Push
Saturday: Rest

This week will be full of walking and running.  CrossFit will be taking a back seat ( 🙁 ) for a week while I hike through the mountains, frolic through Disneyland and race through the streets of Anaheim.  What an adventure! Have a great week and remember to Be RAD!

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