Countdown to Disneyland: New Experiences

Sleeping Beauty Castle

I am now only 2 weeks away from arriving in Disneyland for the first time…squeeeeeeee!!!!!  This trip has seriously snuck up on me and the closer it gets, the more excited I am getting to experience all of these new things!  There are so many that it’s a bit overwhelming to think if I will actually be able to fit it all in.  But I’m sure gonna try!  So here are a few new experiences that I’m most looking forward to:


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Yes, ALL of Fantasyland.  I love dark rides…LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  I’m beside myself with excitement over getting to finally ride the Alice in Wonderland attraction….it has been on my Disney bucket list since I first saw it on a World of Color episode as a kid.  Then there is Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, the Storybook Canal Boats, the Casey Jr. Circus Train and well obviously the Matterhorn Bobsleds!  I’ve heard that the entire feel of Fantasyland is much different than in WDW and I plan on spending quite a bit of time there…that’s if screaming children don’t drive me out!  🙂

Indiana Jones Adventure

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Photo Source

This looks like one of the best attractions out there.  Ever since it opened in 1995, I have been dying for imagineers to get rid of the stunt show at the Studios and put this attraction in.  Obviously they haven’t been listening to me.  I love this movie series and I can’t wait to go on an adventure with Indy!

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

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Another dark ride!  This is one of those attractions that has always intrigued me.  I was (and still am) a big fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  I remember seeing the film for the first time while away at summer camp in 1988!  This attraction just looks silly and like it will have me in hysterics the entire time!  Hopefully all the spinning won’t make me sick…

Cars Land

Cars Land
Photo Source: Disney

Well this should be obvious.  Yes, Radiator Springs Racers looks beyond amazing and the other two attractions look quirky and fun, but what I’m most looking forward to is just immersing myself in the land.  The funny thing is that I’m not even a big fan of the Cars movies, but I am just blown away by all of the details I have seen in photos from here.  And I particularly can’t wait to see it at night…all that neon!!

a bug’s land

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Photo Source

Now this might seem strange because I don’t have kids, but I love the idea of being shrunk down to the size of a bug and that everything is giant around you.  I mean, how cute are Flik’s Flyers where you get to ride around in raisin box “hot air ballons”?!?  This area kind of reminds me of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, which I loved as a kid.  I also don’t think I will seem as creepy walking around a bug’s land as I would in the playground…

World of Color

Photo Source: Disney
Photo Source: Disney

Everyone says this is a MUST DO!  Don’t kill me here, but I have to say that the idea of this show doesn’t thrill me and I would probably be fine if I didn’t see it. Seriously, don’t kill me!  That said, I already have World of Color reservations at the Carthay Circle Restaurant for the first night of our trip so I will be seeing it.  I also have this feeling that I’m going to magically fall in love with it and want to see it every night after that…we shall see.

What new experiences were you looking forward to at Disneyland on your first trip?


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  • Great list! I know you’ll probably already be doing this, but one of my favorite things about Disneyland is comparing the like attractions. DL’s ‘it’s a small world’ is simply breathtaking – so awesome!

    As for World of Color – I kinda sorta feel ya! I have seen it twice and I LOVE it, but I am also so impatient so standing around waiting for a show while I KNOW all the attractions in the park have short lines kills me! 😉

    • I’m actually very excited to compare and see the differences…Pirates and Small World in particular 🙂
      I got one of the dinner packages for WOC, so hopefully I won’t waste that much time waiting around. I’m like you about standing around where there are so many other things to do…especially since I will have a limited amount of time there!

  • I was really looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Matterhorn, and all of California Adventure. I left wishing I’d done a lot more and also wondering why I remember loving Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride as a kid because as an adult it was terrifying.

    • How long were you there? I’m hoping I have enough time to do everything!
      Mr. Toad was my FAVORITE attraction growing up! I’m so interested that you found it terrifying…

  • Well, I was a baby on my first trip to Disneyland, so I can’t really answer your question! (If it makes you feel better, I didn’t make it to WDW until I was an adult.)

    On to World of Color, I’ve only seen it once and wasn’t that impressed (especially considering how long we had to wait for the show to start!) If you can only do one nighttime show, I recommend Fantasmic! Disneyland’s Fantasmic is a thousand times better than Hollywood Studio’s version! You really don’t know what you’re missing… (yet!)

    • We got a WOC dinner package so I’m hoping we won’t be waiting around too long. I keep hearing that about Fantasmic, so I’m definitely making it a point to see it. Thanks!

  • Looks like you have everything all planned out! Growing up in California, we would always go to Disneyland and like Tiffany, I did not go to Disneyworld until I was an adult. I like both parks for different reasons, but I know you will really enjoy Disney! It’s definitely smaller than Disneyworld, but has a lot of attractions that make it unique.

    Is this your first time to California? Will you be going to any places outside of Disney? If so, just let me know and I can give you a few recommendations. Have a great time!

    • I hope I have everything planned out!
      I’ve been to California, but this will be my first time in the LA area. I’m not sure how much time we will have to explore the area, but we were thinking about driving up to Sunset and Venice Beach one morning.

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