Friday Feast: Bulletproof Coffee

I’ve been seeing Bulletproof Coffee all over the interwebs lately.  One of my favorite bloggers, Gabby from Gabby’s Gluten-Free, swears by it and I have to say I’ve been intrigued.  If you’re not familiar with Bulletproof Coffee, it is basically coffee blended together with butter and coconut oil.  Sounds gross right? Butter…in coffee?  Well not so fast, it is actually DELICIOUS!

According to Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive, our bodies are craving healthy fats.  By adding grass-fed, unsalted butter and MCT or coconut oil, you will be satisfied and have increased energy for up to 6 hours, which in turn programs our bodies to be more efficient at burning energy throughout the day.  Interesting concept…so I thought I’d give it a try.

I brewed a giant mug of coffee and added that to a blender with 2 tablespoons of Kerrygold unsalted butter and 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil.  Oh and a quick aside…if you’ve never tried Kerrygold butter before, you are missing out on one of the great pleasures in life…just sayin’

Bulletproof Coffee1I gave it a good buzz for about 10-15 seconds, basically until it looks creamy and has a nice foam on top.

Bulletproof Coffee2And basically, that’s it!  Super easy.  I have to say the first sip was a little strange because there was a slight greasy film on my lips from all the fat, but I got over that quickly.  This is rich, decadent and simply delicious.  I noticed a bit more energy than usual after drinking this, but I think that was mainly because it is more coffee than I’m used to drinking in one sitting.  It honestly felt like caffeine jitters.  Who knows…

Bulletproof CoffeeSo imagine my surprise when yesterday morning, I saw that this coffee was going to be featured on the Today Show!  Apparently Matt Lauer doesn’t think as highly of it as I do…

What do you think of Bulletproof Coffee?  Have you tried it?

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  • I haven’t tried it yet! Not gonna lie I’m skeptical. But honestly? Since you’re a fan I’ll give it a go. The only ones I’ve ever heard talking about it are the crazy hard core Paleo crew at the box. The bf puts just plain coconut oil in his coffee and I tried it and SO not a fan. I didn’t like the greasy feel, or maybe I just wasn’t expecting it!

    • The greasy feel is definitely strange at first, but you get used to it. The butter makes it richer and creamier…I don’t think I’d like it with just coconut oil. But I usually put almond milk in my coffee so I like that added creaminess. Try it!!

  • I have to admit at first read this sounds totally gross! But, I’m not one to write something off without trying it, maybe one day I’ll give it a shot!

    • I’m totally with you…I was grossed out when I first heard about it too! Just make sure you put it in a blender 😉

  • I love seeing people trying BulletProof coffee, cause I am all over it. That being said, it’s a bit of a disservice to Dave Asprey if you don’t mention the biggest element of bulletproof coffee…the beans. Blending butter with plain old non-organic, mass produced beans WILL make you feel jittery. You need REALLY good quality, organic beans that are as close to hand picked and sorted as possible to get the true BulletProof experience.

    • Thanks for the information on the beans! I do use an organic French Roast coffee, but I’d love to try the actual BulletProof beans!

  • I LOVE bullet proof coffee. Unfortunately so many of us have lost the ‘mouth feel’ for animal fats as we follow the misinformation highway for low fat foods.

    In Brisbane I buy Di Bella single origin coffee which is well priced and delicious. I agree you need a single origin coffee as it is really clean on the palate.

    We have Westgold butter available from Woolworths stores which is only slightly dearer than other butters. It’s from New Zealand and grass fed cows.

    • You’re so right. We live in this highly processed, low-fat world that people are forgetting what “real” food tastes like! It’s really quite sad.

      I have to try single source coffee…I keep hearing how it makes a HUGE difference.

      BTW…thanks for checking out RAD all the way in Australia!!!

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