Running for Boston

Yesterday I shared my feelings on the tragedy at the Boston Marathon and today I want to reinforce my thoughts about the strength of the running community.  It has been truly AMAZING to see how people have come together to show their support.  Here are some other posts about yesterday’s events from bloggers around the community:

If I missed you and you want to share, please link up in the comments below.

As you can see, the running community has come out in force today.  Many people are wearing race shirts to show their support or running 4.09 (the time on the clock) or 2.62 miles today.  I did both.  I wore my Princess Half shirt at work and I ran 4.09 miles in my WDW Marathon shirt when I got home.



This morning I asked all of you to send me your photos from today.  Photos in your race shirts, from your runs, or just showing support, and I can’t believe the response I got.  My original plan was to just post them here on the blog, but I thought a slideshow would be much better 🙂  Thank you to Krissy at Shiawase Life for pointing out the significance of the song “We Go On” from Illumination at Epcot.  This is one of my favorite songs and it is the perfect background for this.  Just look at everyone showing their support…there are close to 90 photos here and I had to loop the song because of it.  You all are AMAZING!!  Even Rachel Booth, winner of the Princess Half Marathon, sent in a pic!! xoxoxo

Thank you again for coming out in force today to show your support for the runners and spectators in Boston.  I am so proud to be part of this community and call you all my family.  If I missed your photo, please post it in the comments below or on the Running at Disney Facebook Page.

We are stronger than ever and we WILL go on!

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