Friday Feast: Todd English’s Bluezoo

01 Bluezoo_Dolphin

Todd English’s Bluezoo is located in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort and often overlooked by the everyday Walt Disney World guest.  I always feel like if you’re not staying at the Swan or Dolphin, it’s rarely visited.  Well on a recent visit while staying that the Boardwalk, B and I decided to take a stroll over and check it out.

We had an early reservation and my initial thought when entering the restaurant was that it was dark, despite the large windows surrounding the dining room.  The atmosphere is also much more modern than most of the restaurants you will find at Walt Disney World, more along the lines of an NYC restaurant.  The show kitchen is massive and very impressive to see all of the chefs working.  The coolest feature of the kitchen was the “Dancing Fish” which is a signature dish at the restaurant.  The fish spin around an open flame grill…super cool!

Dancing Fish
Dancing Fish

We were seated at a great table with a view of most of the dining room.  I was immediately impressed by the ceiling.  Yes, the ceiling…the light fixtures are so interesting!

Bluezoo Dining Room
Bluezoo Dining Room
Look at that ceiling!
Look at that ceiling!

Obviously, our first priority was cocktails and they certainly have an interesting and extensive list.  I love creative cocktails (as long as they’re not too sweet!) so I had a hard time choosing from this list.

05 Bluezoo_Drink Menu
Bluezoo Cocktail Menu
click for larger image

I knew I wasn’t going for the Bazooka Joe, which is bubblegum infused vodka (blech!), so we both settled on the Zooberry instead.  This was deliciously dangerous!  This is house-infused blueberry vodka with lemon juice and rock candy syrup to add a touch of sweetness.  Oh my.


With the cocktails, we were also given a delicious bread basket full of rosemary parmesan crisps, onion rolls and baguettes…mmm.

07 Bluezoo_Bread

We ate a ton of bread while we looked over the menu.  Bluezoo is renowned for it’s seafood, but there were a few other things on the menu that were drawing me away from the recommended dishes.  However, we did decide to go the seafood route for our appetizers.

08 Bluezoo_Menu

I’m a sucker for shrimp & grits, so the Low Country Jumbo Shrimp over Cheddar Hominy and Bacon Butter (Bacon Butter!!!!!!!!) was right up my alley.  And yes, it was a whole lot of deliciousness.

09 Bluezoo_Shrimp App


B loves New England Clam Chowder so of course he ordered it here.  But sadly, he was a bit disappointed.  The chowder was more like a light broth instead of the thick creamy “chowda” that we’re used to up in the Northeast.  The flavor was great, but just not what we were expecting…

010 Bluezoo_Chowder App

For our entrees, I went with the 15 Hour Pork Collar.  Like the shrimp and grits, I’m also a sucker pork.  Pork chops, pork belly, pork shoulder, you name it…I’ll order it!  So this slow cooked pork over rye spaetzle and bacon cabbage sounded like heaven.  Oh and it was…

012 Bluezoo_Pork

B ordered the Mesquite Rubbed Beef Tenderloin, which also came with a BBQ Short Rib Raqout.  Whoa…everything about this dish was deliciou

011 Bluezoo_Beef

Now I didn’t have room for dessert, but B is always up for chocolate so we ordred the Warm Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate Cake.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this.  This cake was very light and the fresh raspberries added a nice crispness to the dish.

013 Bluezoo_Cake

Overall this was a great meal.  The only negative thing I could say about it is that it was too rich and heavy.  The flavors were phenomenal  but the sauces were a bit rich.  Granted this meal was at the end of a week of indulgence, but I think I would still go lighter on the appetizers next time because of the heavy (yet delicious) main courses.

I would definitley recommed taking a trip over to the Dolphin to check out Bluezoo.  The restaurant on is on the Disney Dining Plan and they accept Tables in Wonderland so you really have no reason not too 🙂

Have you ever eaten at Bluezoo?  What do you think?

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  • Yes..we love Blue Zoo as well. As a part-time mixologist, I can tell you that Blue Zoo has the best menu of craft cocktails on property. I prefer the Burnt Orange and the barrel-aged Manhattan, but most of the cocktails are great. Hopefully, we will begin to see more craft cocktails at other restaurants as the industry is growing fast.

    • The burnt orange sounds really good too! I definitely need to go back an try more. I’m with you hoping that we will see some more interesting drinks and get away from the generic menu.

      Have you tried the Bazooka Joe?

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