New to Me: Epcot’s Future World

Future World

Epcot is probably my favorite park.  I spent so much time here in the EPCOT Center days that I used to be able to recite Journey Into Imagination (the original!) from memory!  Now as an adult, Future World has a retro feel that I love, but it will still never life up to the days of Horizons and World of Motion.  Sigh…

So if it’s my favorite park, how are there things I’ve missed in Future World?!  Well I think it’s because some the attractions can often be overlooked because they are tucked away and when it comes to dining, I always head into World Showcase.  Here are some things that are still New To Me in Future World.

Circle of Life

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I don’t think I’ve ever even stepped foot in this theater!  I’ve heard this is a great film, but I am generally not one for films (which you will see when we get to World Showcase!) and head to the unique attractions.  Living with the Land is one of my all time favs, go I generally head straight there when I’m in The Land pavilion.  The last time I was in there, my friend Amanda even tried to get me to go in and I just brushed it off.  This is definitely on the to do list…I mean how can you not love Timon and Pumba?!

Behind the Seeds Tour

Behind the Seeds

Speaking of Living with the Land, did you know you can actually walk around the gardens?!  Well, you have to have a guide with you, but how cool is that?!  This tour is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but never seem to make the time.  I love fresh vegetables and I find their gardening techniques fascinating, so this is a no brainer for me.  And with the $18 price tag…hello?!?  This is on my priority list for my next trip.

Garden Grill Restaurant

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And to round out things that are New to Me in The Land pavilion, Garden Grill Restaurant.  There are 3 things about this restaurant that don’t appeal to me:

1. Family Style Dining.  I’m never a fan of this (well excect for a big breakfast skillet at Whispering Canyon Cafe) as there is generally something I don’t want and it seems like a waste of food because there is always a TON leftover.

2. The Rotating Dining Room.  I know it doesn’t spin super fast, but just the thought of moving during my meal doesn’t sit well with me.

3. The Cuisine.  With a name like Garden Grill, I would expect local, farm fresh cuisine.  But what is on the menu is more like classic, home-style cooking.  There is nothing wrong with that and if I was going somewhere like Liberty Square Tavern in the Magic Kingdom, I would expect that, but not here.  There is so much more they could do with the menu to make it innovative and really showcase all of the wonderful local produce!

Sum of All Thrills

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Another attraction that I’ve been really wanting to do for the past few years, but always forget about!  I think this is due to it’s location.  I very rarely walk through Innoventions, so I never think of it.  I think a sign outside would really help!  I’ve done the roller coaster simulator at Disney Quest and loved that…this seems like it would be kicking that up a few notches.  Maybe I’ll set a reminder for myself to do this next time so I don’t forget!

Coral Reef Restaurant

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This restaurant has always intrigued me, but the lackluster reviews have always kept me away.  A little secret you may not know about me is that I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was younger.  I realized early on that it probably wasn’t the right career path for me, but I still have a love of all aquatic life.  I could stare into the aquarium at The Seas all day.  So dining at Coral Reef seems really cool, I just haven’t wanted to waste a whole meal there if the food isn’t good…you know how important food is to me!  I’ve decided that on my next trip, I’m going for lunch to test it out and check out the atmosphere.  I’m really looking forward to it!

What attractions and restaurants are new to YOU in Future World at Epcot??

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  • We had lunch at the Coral Reef during our last day at the parks after the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Our meal was delicious, everyone was pleased with their main course as well as the yummy desserts. The chocolate wave and the grilled mahi mahi were big hits with our group. Notice, the dessert was mentioned first! Enjoy!

  • I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the divers in the Living Seas but you can pay to dive in there. My parents have done it several times and love it. There are two (that we’ve seen) hidden Mickey’s and it is so much fun to see the divers interact with those on the other side of the glass. When you book your meal, see if there is a dive time around then so you can see that too!

  • This is such a fun idea for a post topic! I haven’t been back to Coral Reef in awhile, but it is so pretty on the inside. 🙂

  • Sum of all Thrills?! What?! I’ve never ever heard of this! Crazy.

    I love the Circle of Life video. I cry everytime (Im a dork like that). If only a Disney video could fix all the problems in the world.

  • Our tradition is the same. Be there for rope drop….run to The Land…grab fastpassses for Soarin and then eat at Sunshine Seasons…..then ride Living with the Land. LOVE EPCOT!!!!

  • For some unfathomable reason I’ve never tried any of the treats at Karamell Kuche, or the famous School Bread of the Norway pavilion. Hopefully this will change on our next trip.

    Attractions wise, I don’t think I’ve skipped any. That said we usually pass over Soarin’ because of the lines. We’ve also yet to try the new Test Track, but it looks fantastic!

  • I’ve done the behind the seeds tour and it is totally worth it! As for new stuff at Epcot I don’t think I have been in the Circle Of Life theater either.

  • Because I like Living with the Land, I liked eating at Garden Grill a few years ago. First of all, you can hardly tell you’re moving, but then you look out and realize you’re sitting over the prairie scene or the farm scene from the LwtL boat ride, which is kind of cool.

    To be honest, I can’t even remember the meal, so it was more about overlooking the LwtL ride scenes for me. For the better meals, I make my way to the world showcase.

  • I know I already told you about my awesome meal at Coral Reef but I actually also ate at the Garden Grill for the first time last year too (honestly, only because it was the only place we could get reservations for the Candlelight Processional package). We were actually pleasantly surprised though! It’s nothing fancy, but I think it would probably be a good thing to do with a large group since it’s family style and unlimited. My husband really liked the beef and I really liked the fish (and who doesn’t love getting to see characters!).

  • I got inspired by Melissa Sue’s “Never have I Ever.”
    She was inspired by Katherine’s post on things she’s never done at the world.
    She was inspired by this post of yours.
    So this is me saying Thank You!
    I linked and attributed to all of those contributing posts.

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