2014 WDW Marathon Weekend Pre-Sale and Proof of Time Update

We are now less than a week away from the official registration date for the 2014 Walt Disney World marathon Weekend!  How did this get here so quickly?!  But guess what…there are some pre-sales going on right now!

08 Runners at Start Line


Registration is now open for Disney Vacation Club Members and Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.  Follow the links below and log-in to your account in order to register.  Fees are as follows:

Walt Disney World® Marathon

  • $160 by June 18, 2013
  • $175 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
  • $190 on or after August 14, 2013

Walt Disney World® Half Marathon

  • $160 by June 18, 2013
  • $175 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
  • $190 on or after August 14, 2013

Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge

  • $340 by June 18, 2013
  • $370 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
  • $400 on or after August 14, 2013

Walt Disney World® 10K

  • $95 by June 18, 2013
  • $110 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
  • $125 on or after August 14, 2013

Disney Family Fun Run 5K

  • $60 per participant

Dopey Challenge

  • $495 by June 18, 2013
  • $525 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
  • $555 on or after August 14, 2013

runDisney Kids Races

  • $15 per child

Mickey Mile

  • $30 per child

Race Retreat Packages

  • $120 Half Marathon Package
  • $120 Full Marathon Package
  • $200 Goofy’s Challenge Package

DVC Members don’t forget that you can receive a $10 discount on your registration fee for runDisney events at WDW that are a 10K distance or longer during the earliest registration time frame.**  The discount code is listed under Member Extras > Special Offers (they don’t make it easy to find!).

DVC Members Register Here

WDW Annual Passholders Register Here

Starting tomorrow, Chase Disney Visa Cardholders can also take advantage of the presale by logging into your account to register.

Chase Disney Visa Cardholders Register Here

And finally, registration is also open for anyone who would like to participate in the Runner’s World Challenge.  This is the 2nd year that runDisney is partnering with Runner’s World to provide this unique experience that includes coaching, nutrition advice, injury prevention tips and a VIP experience over Marathon Weekend!

Runner’s World Challenge Registration Package Fees

  • Walt Disney World® Marathon – $479.00
  • Walt Disney World® Half Marathon – $479.00
  • Goofy’s Race & a Half Challenge – $749.00
  • Dopey Challenge – $999.00

Runner’s World Challenge Registration Here

Remember, general registration opens on April 9th at noon if you are not eligible for any of these pre-sales, so mark your calendars!

New Proof of Time Requirements for 2014

runDisney has announced new proof of time guidelines for 2014.  Some key points to note here are that if you don’t have proof of time you will be starting in the LAST corral.  Also, you will no longer be able to change your corral at runner relations…all proof of time data must be submitted via email well in advance of the race.

Here is info straight from the runDisney site:

If you believe you will finish the Half Marathon in less than 3:15 hours or the Marathon in less than 6:30 hours, proof of time is required for start corral placement. Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge and Dopey Challenge participants should adhere to Full Marathon proof of time requirements. Please reference the Race Pacing Chart below for finish times and associated pacing per mile.

A proof of time must be provided from a certified race reflecting results after January 1, 2012.

  • Half Marathon – 10K or longer
  • Full Marathon – 10 Miles or longer

A valid proof of time provided at the time of registration must include the following*:

  • Name of Race
  • Distance
  • City
  • State
  • Date
  • Finish time

*For example, Walt Disney World Marathon, 26.2, Orlando, FL, 1/13/13, – 3:35

If you do not have a proof of time to submit, list “N/A” at the point of registration. If proof of time is not provided by November 1, 2013 you will be placed in the last start corral. If your proof of time data is incomplete or cannot be verified, you will be placed in the last start corral. To provide or update your proof of time, you must email all proof of time data requested above to disneysports@trackshack.com. No corral changes will be made after November 1, 2013.

As a reminder, you will no longer be able to bring proof of your estimated finish time to the Runner Relations booth during the Expo and have your start corral placement changed.

Dates, times and prices subject to change. All races are subject to capacity limits and may close at any time.

Race Pacing Chart
Half Marathon
Full Marathon

What do you think of the new proof of time requirements?  Are they more or less fair than before?


**Information was updated from the original posting

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  • If they actually follow their own rules it will all work out and be fair. I think it has been so lax in the past some will not like going from front/middle to back of the pack. Until this years PHM debacle I had no clue that I could have lied to get to the front.
    I think this will really effect the women only races. I also think it will reduce the number of new runners jumping in. Many will be intimidated and those that need that extra buffer might actually be swept now.

    • I agree…it has been very lax in the past and there have definitely been some disparities. Friends who I KNOW are faster than me have been placed behind me in some races…it never made sense. Hopefully this will even everything out.

  • Kind of a bummer on the new corral placement requirements…I just ran a 15K (9.3 miles…close to 10, no?) at an 11:51 pace, as well as a 10K at a 10:52 pace; however, that only helps me for the Wine and Dine half in the Fall…after which it will be too late to get a new corral.

    I guess I need to do a 10-miler or a half before November 1…maybe they’re trying to get people like me to sign up for the 10-miler in October.

  • Newbie question – if you’re placed in the last corral, is it nearly impossible to finish the Princess (or the half), if you typically run a 12-13 minute mile?

    • No, you will definitely be able to finish. You need to keep a 16 min/mile pace, so you should be more than fine. Try to make your way to the front of the corral if you can. The 16 min time starts when the last person crosses the start line, so the farther up you are, the more time you will have.

  • the link for the visa card holders is not working 🙁 do you know how to go about pre registering if you are a disney visa card holder?!?

    • So sorry about that! I fixed the link or you can just go to http://disneyrewards.com/. From what I understand, you log in to your account and there will be a link in there to register. I am not a cardholder, so I unfortunately can’t tell you exactly where to go.
      Good luck!

  • I hope this encourages people to turn in accurate times. For those of us in the last corral at Princess I was shocked by the number of runners in it who obviously should have been in an earlier corral and who were very upset with all of the walkers that they had to run around. I would have understood if they were running/pacing with slow people, but many obviously were not.

  • I am very happy with it. As a runner who runs in corral A or B am glad there will not be people there who do not belong in those corrals. I also spoke with run disney the runners who do the runners world challenge will have to have a placement time as well. If its close they will get pushed forward to the next one or will not be placed in the last corral.

  • I think that the pacing requirement is good. The 2013 Marathon was treacherous as we dodged and wove in and out of walker and slower runners, not to mention the VERY narrow running paths. I have a question regarding the qualifications only going back to 2012, as I had a decent time in 2011, but was injured and had to spend 2012 recovering.

    I am excited to run the 2014 Marathon as it will be my first healthy running year since injuring my Achilles in 2011. I am disappointed because my time in the 2011 Wine and Dine (prior to my injury) was 2:42:20. Not elite running granted, but it does not warrant the last corral.

    In 2012 I wore a rehab boot, had physical therapy and trained in a pool so that I could run the 2013 Marathon. I did not finish the marathon, but did finished 14 miles before I stopping to preserve my ability to run again. My pace at that point was actually better than my 2011 half marathon pace, but I do not have an official record.

    I have run the WDW Marathons each year since 2009, the first two Wine and Dine Half marathons, the Tower of Terror and the inaugural Princess Half at 12 m/m pacing. What should I use as proof for the 2014 registration?

    • For a situation like yours, I would actually call RunDisney to see what they suggest…because you were injured, they might accept an earlier qualifying time.

  • I have run this race a # of times- the first time in one of the last corrals. This is not a fun place to be if you want to run, but I was with family, so we endured and made jokes along the way.
    The next few times, we were in the first 2 corrals. These later times were a much more enjoyable experience from beginning to end because we were with groups similar to our ability.
    Due to various injuries, I also have not ‘raced’ for time since 2011- so I will once again be in a last corral. To keep me company, I am bringing family and we will make the best of it.

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