Heat Advisory for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon

runDisney has issued a Heat Advisory for tomorrow’s Princess Half Marathon.  Make sure that you are hydrating TODAY and throughout the race tomorrow.  Utilize all of the water stops on the race and make sure to mix water and Powerade (or your sports drink of choice) to help refuel your electrolytes.

runDisney Water Stop
runDisney Water Stop

The only thing that may be working in our favor is the chance of rain.  Even if it doesn’t rain, it will hopefully be cloudy and block out the sun, but that humidity is still going to be a serious issue.

Princess Weather

Take it easy out there and don’t try for a PR this time.  Have fun, enjoy the atmosphere and take photos with characters.  Don’t try to over exert yourself in the heat, it’s just not worth the risk.  You’re going to get the same awesome medal whether you go fast or take it easy 🙂

5th Anniversary Princess Medal
5th Anniversary Princess Medal

Good luck out there Princesses & Princes and stay safe…I’ll see you on the course!!

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  • Hey there~

    I’ve been following you on twitter for a while and wanted to meet you today at your meet up. I got stuck at the expo 🙁 I am also a Disney fan, DVC member, and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Tomorrow will be my 9th run disney race. I enjoy your updates and your blog has a lot of great info. Great luck tomorrow Princess! Have a magical time!


    • I would’ve loved to meet you! That expo was nuts…
      Hope you had a great race. It was a hot one, but SO MUCH FUN! Hopefully I’ll get to see you during another race weekend 🙂

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