Princess Packing Chaos

It’s no secret that packing for race weekends stresses me out.  Why?  Well I like to have all the comforts of home while I’m away, so I always tend to over pack and then end up having to cut things out, which turns a simple task into a multi-day event.  Yes, I know this is crazy, but it is my process.

I use the guest room as my “staging area” and it currently looks like this…

Notice the extremely detailed list??
Notice the extremely detailed list??
Organized chaos!
Organized chaos!

My running gear isn’t even included in this mess, so I think I’m already over extending myself!  I was looking back at my packing list from last year’s Princess Half and my gear has definitely expanded.  I now have post-race clothes to change into (I HATE being in sweaty clothes once you cool down!), a stretch strap, the Stick, KT Tape, blister band-aids, ankle braces (just in case!), Voltaren Gel, Body Glide, and I’m sure a few other things I’m forgetting.  I think my list expands after every race because there is something “I wish I had” at the last race.

So I have 2 more days to finish this craziness and try to keep my bag under 50 lbs.  This is a challenge considering my bag for Wine & Dine came in at 49.7 lbs!

Just made it for Wine & Dine!
Just made it for Wine & Dine!

Do you stress over packing or am I just crazy?  (This is definitely a possibility…B would probably confirm that.)  What are your MUST HAVES for race weekends in Walt Disney World?  

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  • I am a little stressed about packing for the Princess Half- Have I even started to pack? Nope! Guess I better get started soon! This is my first RunDisney event- What would you never leave home without for race weekend?

    • That’s a tough question. The most obvious answer are your running shoes 🙂 But for a Disney race, I would always make sure I had my camera!

  • you are SO not crazy! I remember packing in December for my trip to Texas and I really was wishing I could pay someone to do it for me. Especially for a trip where you are running, it’s tough because you want to think of every possible thing you might need running wise or injury wise. I do just like you.. pack, unpack, repack, take stuff out, put stuff in. It’s horrible.

    btw, I wanted to ask what “the stick” is for? I think I’ve heard Michelle on Mickey Miles Podcast talk about it briefly but she never mentioned how it’s used/what it’s used for!

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one!!

      The stick is a great tool to roll out sore muscles. You can see it in the first pic in this post…it’s white and red 🙂

  • Quick question – will there be places to change right after the race? I’m watching someone finish after me and would hate to be in wet clothes.


  • I am doing a less stellar job with this run than for WDW Weekend! I seem to always pack the same clothes for Disney trips so all of my Photopass pictures look like that could really be from the same visit!!
    Not doing horribly though, I am packing extra Powerade Zero for pre-race hydration, had issues at Donald with cramping that could’ve been avoided with more electrolyte help!

    • Anne that’s too funny…I always pack the same clothes too!! I mean, how much variation can you put in shorts and tank tops! 🙂

  • Well my race weekends are here on the West Coast at Disneyland. I always pack running clothes for cooler weather & for warm weather. Sometimes it is very chilly in the morning at 4:30a (for us that is, not compared to y’all out there in the snow) but it also warms up to the 70’s by the end of a race!!! I like to toss away so I pick up a long sleeved shirt at the goodwill before a race. 🙂

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