Nemo Found the Northeast

When I usually think of Nemo, I think of this little guy:


Not this:


Last night, winter storm Nemo dropped over 30 inches of snow on the Connecticut shoreline and we woke up to a winter wonderland.  We also found ourselves completely snowed in and facing the daunting task of digging out!

The backyard
The backyard
The Back Door!
The Back Door!
Turtle is completely covered!
Turtle is completely covered!
Snow on the front of the house...
Snow on the front of the house…that drift is definitely over 4 feet!

B and I bundled up and began the dig out around 10:30 am.  It was quite the undertaking…

Broke out the winter gear
Broke out the winter gear
It's COLD!
It’s COLD!

The snow had just stopped, but the wind was killer!  It made shoveling difficult because everything you would do would just blow back in your face!  Plus the snow was thick, wet and heavy…the worst conditions for shoveling.  But I did have time for a little fun 🙂

Here's what B thinks of the snow...
Here’s what B thinks of the snow…
It was like sitting in a chair!
It was like sitting in a chair!
That's an impressive snow angel ;)
That’s an impressive snow angel 😉

We pulled out the snow blower for this one, but the snow was so deep that it was having difficulty cutting through it.  We had to do a combo of shoveling to break up the snow then snow blowing to get rid of it.

So deep!!
Too deep!!

I lasted about 2 hours out there.  We were able to make good headway down the pathway to the driveway, around the cars and out to the sidewalk.  It was quite the workout!  I’m so thankful for CrossFit today 🙂

Walkway tunnel
Walkway tunnel
I see a wheel!
I see a wheel!
There's Gretta!!
There’s Gretta!!

B continued on to clean the sidewalk with the snowblower and I went inside to make some adult hot chocolate and heat up leftover chocolate chili.  It’s a chocolate kind of day.  And yes, I said chocolate chili…look for the recipe in an upcoming Friday Feast 🙂

Hot Chocolate


Chocolate Chili...YUM!
Chocolate Chili…YUM!

So Nemo sure found us…with a vengeance   We’re still snowed in since the plows haven’t come by yet, but I’m fine with that.  I have my cats and the pellet stove to keep me cozy and warm!


Did Nemo find you?  How did you make out in the storm?


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