RAD Reads and Weekly Review: January 27, 2013

Back to the daily grind.  After weeks of travel, the holidays and competitions, my schedule was back to normal this week and I have to say it was kind of comforting to have my daily routine back.  I’m still trying to catch up on things from WDW Marathon Weekend and I’m starting to work on a few fun projects.  There’s a lot to look forward to in 2013…stick with me!

This has been an exciting week in the world of runDisney events.  The brand new Dumbo Double Dare Challenge went on sale to the public on Tuesday and quickly sold out in less than an hour.  This was then followed by the Disneyland 10K and the Half Marathon selling out in less than 26 hours.  I’m so glad I registered when I did!  Here’s what else has been happening on RAD this week if you’ve missed it:

There have also been a lot more recaps from marathon weekend.  Check out some great ones from For the Love of Disney Running…, Shiawase Life, Running With Sass, Pop Fit Life, Westford Mommy, and Food Fitness Fantasy.  I love reading everyone’s experiences from the race…they are all so different!  But I think one of my favorites is this video from Things Goofy.  Adam and Franzie are “pretty cool”! 🙂

Let’s check out some other RAD Reads from this week!

Running & Fitness Posts
Live, Run, Grow shares the 26 things she learned during marathon training.  My personal favorites are numbers 1, 9, 15, definitely 19, 20 and 26.  Danielle…you rock!  

Disney Parks Blog has an incredibly inspirational video about how finishing last is is finishing first at a runDisney race.

The Misadventure of a Darwinian Fail gives us the details about her upcoming surgery for her robot heart Penelope.  Yes, you heard that right.  Krysten is one of the strongest women I have known and her story inspires me to be better everyday.  Her goal is to run a sub-5 hour marathon after this…now what’s your excuse for not getting out there again??

Disney Every Day takes a look at the runDisney Pasta in the Park Party.  This looks like a really fun, pre-race event!

Skinny Runner recaps the Tinker Bell Half Marathon…this girl is FAST!!

Chef Katelyn shares the 7 ways CrossFit has changed her life.  I can definitely say I agree with everything in this post…everything.

Disney Posts
Disney Every Day has uncovered designs for the Disney California Grill Restaurant remodel…OMG it looks amazing!!!

The Disney Food Blog tried the new Sunday brunch at Raglan Road in Walt Disney World and it looks amazing.  They also share photos of the new menu items at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival…it’s like a mini Food & Wine Festival!

WDW for Grownups discovers genealogical exploration at Liberty Square’s Harbor House.  What a neat hidden gem!

Travel With Rick runs the runDisney Castaway Cay 5K Fun Run…this is such a fun video and a very cool first person perspective!

Weekly Review
Last weekend I went to my local running store to get re-fitted for some new kicks.  I’ve loved my Brooks Ravennas, but they give me blisters on my little toes and the balls of my feel during long runs.  I thought maybe I should just go up a size, but the guy at the store measured my feet and determined that I need a wide shoe.  Not sure why no one has told me this before…kind of frustrating.  I went with the Asics GT-2000s in a wide width.  What a difference!  I felt like my feet could breathe.

Asics GT-2000
Asics GT-2000

My original goal for this week was to get in a few short runs and test out my spiffy new shoes, but mother nature had other plans.  I don’t think the temperature has gone above 25 degrees all week here in CT.  I’ll run in cold weather, but that is too damn cold especially when it’s only 10 when I get up in the morning.  No thanks.  Thankfully this is supposed to break early this week so I can start working on my speed training for Princess.

However I did get to the box 3 times this week.  Here’s my full week of workouts and to see my full WODs, head over to my page on dailymile.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: CrossFit – 1 hour – Dead Lifts, Hang Cleans, Bench Press, Push Ups & Box Jumps
Wednesday: CrossFit – 1 hour – AMRAPs of Wall Balls, Ring Rows & Rowing
Thursday: CrossFit – 1 hour – “Tour de CFM” = Air Dyne Hell
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

That air dyne is seriously no joke.  I’ve learned that the key is to use your arms as much as possible to make the time go faster, but that still doesn’t make it suck any less.  It was also pretty awesome that I burned 205 calories in 10:16 minutes….hellz yeah!

Still smiling...only on the first round here...
Still smiling…only on the first round here…

So even though I didn’t get any runs in this week, I feel like I gave my endurance a run for it’s money.  My teammates and my coaches all commented that I was kicking serious ass, but I just thought they were being nice.  Then I added up my time and yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

I have to admit that sometimes I don’t feel strong.  I struggle with motivation to get things done and I constantly doubt myself.  But then I look back at days like this or the fact that I actually finished a marathon (I finished a MARATHON!) and I know that I can do anything if I really want to.  I just need to focus.

What do you struggle with?

One last thing…I’m planning a RAD meet up over Princess Half Marathon Weekend and I’m looking for your feedback on dates, times and locations that work for most people.  Please take a minute to answer 3 simple questions here.  I’m hoping to announce all of the details later this week.  Thanks and I hope to see you there!!

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