RAD Reads and Weekly Review: December 23, 2012


Well we’re still here…that really was some apocalypse, huh?  The best part was watching all of those survivalist shows leading up to the 21st…crazy town!  I think I was subliminally hoping for the apocalypse because I put off all of my Christmas shopping and have found myself scrambling this weekend to get it all done!  Christmas feels more chaotic this year this usual, but I’m really looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow.

Let’s check out some RAD Reads from this week:

Running & Fitness Posts
Dr. Rachel Runs has some great tips for new runners.  I wish I had these when I started running!

Fitting it All In shares her workout resources for when she needs to create workouts on her own…these are great!

Live, Run, Grow gives us another yoga pose for runners, the pigeon pose.  I do this often…it’s a great stretch from my hips and psoas.

Running Wild(er) has a great review of The Color Run.  I’ve seen a lot of reviews of this race and this is definitely one of the best.

Disney Posts
Disney Hipster Blog takes a look at the themed benches at Disneyland’s Critter Country.  I love these!  Yet another reason why I need to get out to Disneyland.  The Hipsters also have a fantastic video of The Dapper Dans performing Christmas in Killarney, my favorite Christmas song 🙂

The Disney Food Blog reviews the PB & J Burger at the ESPN Club.  I first saw this before I ran the Wine & Dine Half Marathon and was a bit grossed out…AJ is very brave to try this burger!

Sparkly Every After shares these amazing illustrated Disney Starbucks menus by Robert Farrell…these are so fun!

Disney Bound features more outfits inspired by The Aristocats, my favorite!  This time it’s Toulouse and Berlioz.

Mouse on the Mind reviews her Fastpass+ Experience.  I’m still on the fence about this…

Weekly Review
This week has been rather chaotic since I’ve returned from visiting my mom in South Carolina.  Trying to get my workouts in, getting my shopping done and prepping for guests on top of work has taken up a lot of time.  But the good news is that since I’ve cut out eggs from my diet, my colitis symptoms have been improving.  I’ve also stopped taking steroids since my flare has calmed and I’m actually getting some sleep and the night sweats have subsided.  I slept for over 10 hours last night…I think I’m finally catching up and fingers crossed this is the key!

I had a horrible run on the treadmill this week.  It was the first time I’ve ran on the treadmill since the spring and I think I’ve really gotten used to running outside.  About a half mile into my planned 5 mile run, I started getting shin splints and they came on with a vengeance!  I barely squeezed in a mile before I had to stop because the pain was so bad.    Needless to say, I was NOT happy.

I did have a good few days in CrossFit.  I PR’d the push press at 65# and the push jerk at 70# so that was pretty awesome.  I really love lifting heavy things 😉  We also has some killer amraps on Thursday.  I thought I was going to puke about halfway through, but I killed them in the end!

70# Overhead!
70# Overhead!

Here’s my full week of workouts and to see my full WODs, head over to my page on dailymile.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1 mile run – Treadmill – horrible!
Wednesday: CrossFit – 1 hour – Shoulders & Air Dyne
Thursday: CrossFit – 1 hour – Dead Lifts & Amraps
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

We have a lot of travel coming up the next few days because of the holiday, plus my in-laws are visiting next weekend for a Christmas celebration and my good friend Estelle from This Happy Place Blog and her hubs are coming for New Year’s Eve.  That all makes me tired just thinking of it!  But I’m going to try to focus on fitness and healthy eating as I prep my body for the WDW Marathon.

Happy Holidays to you and your family…I hope you get all that you’ve asked for!

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