Friday Feast: A Thanksgiving Feast

Like a good Thanksgiving should go, I cooked a ton of food, drank a few glasses of wine, ate way too much, and took a nap.  A great day over all 🙂  While the eating, drinking and napping are all great, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is definitely the cooking.  Over the past few years, my stepmom (from here on out known as SM) and I have been making our Thanksgiving meal together and it is so much fun!  Here was our menu this year:

Think we went a little overboard?  There were only 10 people and we could’ve fed an army!  But hey that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.  SM and I started cooking early in the morning because the family usually shows up early around here, about 11:30 am.  SM’s sister was in charge of the appetizers and set up a gorgeous spread of cheese, meats, crackers, dips, olives and fruit.

Martha-esque Assorted Appetizers

It was hard not to fill up on all of this goodness!  That salami was delicious.  I’ve been trying to eat gluten free for the past few months, so of course I came equipped with my own crackers.  I’m loving these ones from Crunchmaster that I first found in a runDisney post-race snack box.

Eating gluten free added a bit more work this year since we made 2 versions of various things.  Every year we make this awesome Sausage, Chestnut & Mushroom Dressing that I always look forward too.  So I dried out some Udi’s whole grain earlier in the week and made my own portion so I wouldn’t miss out 🙂

Dressing Ready for the Oven
Final Product!

The dressing tasted just as good!  Next up was the homemade green bean casserole we make every year as well.  Another favorite, but the roux and the fried onions are traditionally made with flour, so I just made my own with sorghum flour and almond meal.  And like the dressing, it was great!  Maybe next year I can convince SM to go all gluten free 😉

Green Been Casserole

Two other sides I was in charge of were the Sweet Potato & Bacon Biscuits and the Creamy Corn Pudding.  I found the recipe for the biscuits last weekend on one of my favorite sites, PaleOMG (Juli is awesome!), and tried them out right away.  Now I can’t get B to eat any kind of sweet potato and he gobbled up four of these.  I knew they would be a winner for Thanksgiving and I was right.  I added some sharp cheddar cheese to the mix and also sprinkled some on top, which I think really added some flavor.  Try these…trust me!

Yum & Yum!

The Corn Pudding was a new one for me.  I get daily email recipes from Real Simple and earlier this week was this one.  I have all of this frozen corn from Corn Fest 2012 and I thought this would be a great use of it!  Again I used sorghum flour to make it gluten free and oh man was this delicious.  It was the hit of the meal…everyone was raving about it.  This will surely be on the menu for next year, which means Corn Fest 2013 will be taking place.  Oye.

Corn Pudding Deliciousness

SM is in charge of the turkey and as usual she did an amazing job.  She uses Martha Stewart’s roasting method that makes the juiciest bird I’ve ever had.  It requires a fair amount of prep and basting, but it sure is worth it!

Basting Away
Picture Perfect!

And for all of you fans of the Disney cult favorite Smoked Turkey Leg…I think you would enjoy this one even more!

Now that’s a turkey leg!

We were finally ready to sit down at the gorgeous table my Dad set and dive into the meal.  I filled my plate and went to town.

Go Dad!
Too Much Food!!

So by this point I was stuffed to the gills and tired.  I paced around a bit then sat and watched some football.  This food needed to settle because there was dessert to be had.  Since the only options were going to be pie, I decided to make some Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Brownies.  I’ve used this recipe before and they are SO SO SO good.  I actually like them better than any regular brownie I’ve had.  My uncle also showed up with one of his famous cheesecakes, so I had some of that sans crust.

Dessert Spread

I was done after dessert.  I had officially eaten to a point of being uncomfortable.  The family left, I parked myself on a chair and quickly took a nap.   Well, a food coma is more like it….clearly the sign of a great holiday!  I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

How was your Thanksgiving meal?  Did you make anything new or unique?

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    • Thanks Marci! Hope you had a great day!
      I’ve found that avoiding gluten has been helping to calm my colitis. I’ve only been trying it for 2 months and had a little slip up while in WDW so hopefully I’ll have a better idea of what it’s effect in the next few months.

  • Had a great run. Can anyone tell me how to purchase the Wine and Dine license plate that was at the merchancise store where we picked up our packet?

    • I don’t recall seeing this! Hopefully someone else can chime in. You might want to try contacting the Disney store to see what merchandise they have.

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