I Made it to Walt Disney World!!

I made it!  I’m in Walt Disney World!  It was a bit questionable for a while if I would even get here at all.  First, we had Hurricane Sandy and were out of power for 6 days.  Once I could watch the news again I heard we had a Nor’easter headed our way.  Oh great…just what the Northeast needs right now.  Plus, this one was bringing snow…I HATE snow.

The snow started at about 10:30 am at my office and came down fast.  An hour later, the ground looked like this:

My boss closed the office early so we could all get home safely.  I have a 25-mile drive home, so I was very thankful for this.  But it wasn’t before I get a text from B that our power had gone out again….SERIOUSLY?!?!  We only had power back for less than 3 days and now I had to go home to a cold, dark house and try to pack for my trip the next day, which might get cancelled altogether because of this storm.

Thankfully, the power was restored by 6:00 pm and we were able to get some heat in the house.  The cats and I were getting cold.  Neala made a bee line for the heat vent in the bathroom where she spends the majority of the winter.  I started cheering and clapping in my house and wanted to run out and give the crew a big ole hug, but that probably would’ve been inappropriate.

Neala <3

Now that the power was back, my focus turned to Winter Strom Athena and what the next few hours were going to look like.  A few friends already had their flights cancelled for Thursday morning and with mine at 8:30 am, I was getting nervous.  JetBlue was still listing the flight as being on time, so I was going with it.  B and I went out to get some dinner, which was an interesting drive on snow-covered roads, and I hit the hay by 10:00 pm.  A good night sleep was definitely in order after my emotionally stressful day.

The roads were somewhat cleared by the morning, so we got up early and B took me to the airport.  Something you may not know about me is that I HATE to fly.  It terrifies me.  I wrote about this on my first solo flight down to the Princess Half Marathon and now with 2 more trips under my belt since then, I knew I could handle this flight.  And guess what I did!  We were delayed for about an hour, but I made it with no issues to report.  I’m a big girl now! 🙂  Oh and I need to point out what an awesome packer I am…my bag came in at 49.7 pounds, just under the mark where I’d have to pay an overage fee.  Guess I can’t take anything home!!

Heavy Bag!!
Super busy White Plains Airport

My bestie Amanda was there to meet me at the airport in her Chevy Volt….the quietest car on the planet!  We came straight to the World, checked into our hotel and headed to the Food & Wine Festival for lunch.  It’s 60 degrees and beautiful down here…perfect running weather for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  I might never leave!!

Tuna Poke surrounded by some friends from Craft Beer

It’s such a relief to have just made it down here…let the festivities begin!!

Do you have any travel nightmares?

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