Bring It Sandy!

Well this is a nice, unexpected day at home.  The cats are clearly happy to have us here.  B had to run into work this morning, but is thankfully now home safe and sound before all of the CT highways close.

I took a drive down to the beach this morning to see what was happening and just found a few road closures and a lot of boarded up homes.  At 8 am, many of the beaches were still in tact, but with the oncoming high tide and predicted 6-11 foot storm surges, I have a feeling this will look very different tomorrow.

We’re all set here and hunkered down at home.  We have flashlights, head lamps, batteries and even glow sticks (can you say hurricane dance party later?!?) in case the power goes out.  We have 5 laptops (yes 5!) all fully charged, iPhones and iPads are fully charged, 2 external batteries and an air card for internet.  Our fridge and freezer are on high, the pantry is stocked and we have plenty of water.

Oh and if all hell breaks loose, we have Halloween candy…

Most of the windows are taped and the patio furniture has been moved in the house…I think we’re as prepared as we can be.

Cleo checking out the tape job

But some people were still out this morning running last minute errands.  Like this guy…so resourceful 🙂

Yes, that is a wheelbarrow hooked up to an ECV!

I’m hoping everyone here in the Northeast is safe whether it be at home, with family or friends, or in a shelter.  Hang in there and hopefully Sandy will be a distant memory soon!

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