Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk Recap

Yesterday B and I Made Strides Against Breast Cancer!  The event was held at Lighthouse Park in New Haven, CT with around 3,000 in attendance.  It was very windy down by the water, which added a chill to the 60 degree temps, but overall the setting was gorgeous.

We arrived about 45 minutes before the walk was scheduled to start because I wasn’t familiar with how big the park was or how long it would take to register.  We headed straight to the registration tent so I could check in and get B registered.  They had plenty of people there and it took only a few get this done, which was a really nice surprise.

Event Registration

Since we had some time to kill, we headed into the party area where a local radio station DJ had music playing and was leading the crowd in the Electric Slide and how to dance Gangnam Style.  Oh yeah!!  There was a store set up and various local vendors had tents as well.  We looked around for a bit, but there was something in that building in the distance that I wanted to check out…

Party Area!
Survivor Reception

A carousel!!  I got so excited and really wanted to go for a spin!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Sadly for me this area was restricted to breast cancer survivors and their family.  But how cool is that for them?!  There were tables set up inside with refreshments as well…the perfect place to keep warm on the chilly day.  I thought this was such a nice touch to the event and really helped honor the survivors.  The atmosphere was really lively and positive.  Survivors were given sashes to wear and I wished my Mom had been there so she could wear one.  She deserves a sash!

We headed back to the general party area to hear the welcome speeches and try to get warm in the crowd.  It was fun that participants were able to bring their dogs to the walk.  It was quite entertaining to see the various ways people dressed them up.

Silly Dog!
Goofing Around and Trying to Stay Warm!

The walk began at 1:00 pm to very little fanfare.  I thought there would be a countdown or something, but the MC just thanked us all for coming and told us to start walking.  Anti-climactic indeed!  The walk was off to a very slow start because the path was narrow and there were a lot people trying to funnel into a small area.  But once we got out into the park, we could pick up the pace a bit.  We even got to see a parasurfer our on the Sound…very cool!

And we’re off! Very slooooowly…


Despite the chilly temperatures, it was a great day!  Thank you to everyone who donated and helped me raise $320 in only 4 days!!!  YOU ROCK!  So far, the event has raised over $90,000 for the American Cancer Society to ensure there will be many more birthdays next year.  If you would still like to donate, there is time and every little bit helps.  Please visit my donation page, which will be open through the end of the year.

So how do you reward yourself for a 5K walk?  FOOD of course!  We headed over to my favorite sub shop, Jersey Mike’s, for an Original Italian.  You can take this girl out of Jersey, but you can never take the Jersey out of this girl!

The Original Italian for the win!

October is breast cancer awareness month and there are still so many ways you can show your support.  Find a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in your area!  Sign up to walk or simply volunteer.  Trust me…you will have a super fun afternoon and be supporting a great cause!  If you missed why I was doing this walk, it was for my mom and all the other women out there who are afflicted with this disease every year.  Let’s bring them more birthdays!

What did you do this month to support breast cancer awareness? 

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