Epcot’s 30th Anniversary

Monday was Epcot’s 30th birthday!  I’m so excited that I was here to experience the madness festivities!

30th Anniversary Pin & Park Map

I walked over to the International Gateway from the Boardwalk at about 8:30 am and was surprisingly let in right away.  I had expected to have to wait until 9:00 am when the park opened.  I ran into a few friends along the way (Kristen, Kim, Doug, Steve & Lori…hi guys!) and we all headed to Mouse Gear to see if we could get some t-shirts.  Not only did the line wind from Mouse Gear all the way out to the park entrance, but the cast members were very confused and giving out different information.  We were able to enter the store to look around since we weren’t interested in any of the exclusive merchandise.  Everything was very disorganized and the cast members seemed very stressed out.  It was quite interesting to watch…  We grabbed a few 30th anniversary t-shirts and were on our way.

Mouse Gear 30th Anniversary Merch Line
Awesome Shirt!

I spent the rest of the day wondering around taking picture and hitting up the Food & Wine Festival.  It was very hot and humid so I took a few breaks back at the Boardwalk, which was so convenient.

The evening culminated with Illuminations as usual, but on this special day there was a tag added at the end for the 30th anniversary.  They don’t joke around!  It was like Disney took all of the fireworks they had and blew them up at once.  Check out this 5 minute video I took of the tag.  I didn’t have the best view, but it still does the job 🙂

Happy Birthday Epcot!! You don’t look a day over 25 😉

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