The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Preview


This has been a whirlwind weekend so far!! Crazy but fun!!

The highlight was last night’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler race. It was a fun race, but it was HOT!!! Whoa it was hot. I’m officially dubbing this weekend Sweatfest 2012 because of the heavy curtain of humidity that is in the air.

The race had some highlights and a bunch of areas that need improvement. A full report is to follow, but for now here are some images from the race!





What did you think of the race?

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  • do you know where to find the official pictures of the race? there were professional photographers all along the course and we remember reading that we could look up photos based on bib number. do you know where to find these?

    • You will get an email from Brightroom in the next day or so. This will have all of the photos that were taken of you during the race. Hope you got some good ones!

  • Ha, I love the name sweatfest, as it is so true! I have never been more soaked after a race. I thought it was ok, not run disney’s best effort. I did not like parts of the course, especially the gravel part, since it was narrow and not well lit. It would have been nice to see more characters and entertainment on the course. I didn’t care for the snack boxes or how they tried to make us keep moving through the finishing chute, even though I wanted to stop and rest for a minute. On the plus side, I liked the parts of the course through wwos and the studios. The after party was a lot of fun, although a bit too crowded, and I liked the medals and shirts. I don’t think I will do this race again, but it wasn’t a total loss either.

  • We had great fun and it was a big personal triumph for my wife, who suffers from high blood pressure. At 7:30 pm her pressure was quite high (180) so she decided to forego the race and stay at the All-Stars while the rest of our group boarded the event bus. By 9:15pm she felt much better and her pressure was down to 120, so she boarded the event bus (yes, they kept running after 8:00pm) and joined us in Corral D right before they opened the gates. She did great during the race and her only complaint was the paucity of entertainment along the route.

    I don’t know if you allow links here, but I’ve posted my race report at the Yahoo! barefoot running message board:

    As for the heat, we live in the Caribbean, so it was about 10 degrees cooler than what we’re used to. But I saw a lot of people who seemed to be suffering with the heat and humidity. Look forward to your full report.

  • I ditto other comments. I’m a local central Florida gal…but it was way too hot and humid for me.

    Not a bad event, but like the inaugural Wine and Dine….some room for improvement. More characters, better course. I didn’t care for the gravel road in WWS, Got gravel in my shoe. . I’m not likely to run this again as the temp and humidity remain unpredictable during this time of year in Central Florida.

    But we love Marathon Weekend and the Princess….as well as the Disneyland Races.

  • This was my first Disney race and first race more than a 5k — I loved the energy, but the heat/humidity got the best of me too. My boyfriend and I got pulled at mile 7. I was devastated.

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