Pre-Race Stress Leading to Vacation Bliss (Hopefully)

For some reason, my life becomes incredibly hectic prior to my races.  For my last half marathon in June, the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon, I had a 3-day conference I was coordinating right before the race, which was insanely stressful and exhausting.

This week has been no different.  I have the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler coming up on Saturday and this week has been less than simple.  Not only have I been dealing with my health issues of having a UC flare, but I had to travel overnight to Boston this week for a planning meeting on that same conference!  Maybe this conference is trying to give me a sign…  Also, my ongoing issue of procrastination as led me to me driving all over the state of CT (thankfully it’s a small state) to pick up business cards, buttons and everything else I need for the trip.  Oh…did you hear there will be buttons?? 🙂

So that brings me to now.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten this packing thing down for my Disney trips, but it still stresses me out because I’m not the best traveler.  I’m also one of those people who has to bring EVERYTHING with me…this drives B nuts.  These are just my things.

Now if I can fit all of this into my suitcases, I will be MCO bound in the morning.  The next few days are jam packed with events, meet-ups, food and most importantly running!!  You’ll be able to find me all of the World this weekend and I would love to meet everyone who will be down for an event.

I will be at the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run Saturday morning to cheer everyone on.  Keep an eye out for the Be Our Guest Podcast Chear Squad signs.  Then Saturday afternoon is the big Running at Disney Meet Up!!  We’ll be meeting in the outdoor seating area of The Liberty Inn of the America Pavilion at 2:00 pm.  Not only will you get to meet a ton of fellow runDisney enthusiasts and grab your RAD swag, but we will also be joined by my friend Carrie from Kingdom Magic Vacations who will have information on how you can win $100 off your next Disney vacation!  Then we’ll finish off the day with the main event…The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler!!  Just a little hint, but I will be wearing zebra stripes 🙂  I’m starting in Corral C, so keep an eye out for my stripes if you’re around.

Safe travels to everyone making the trek to WDW and I can’t wait to say hi soon!

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