RAD Reads & Weekly Review: September 16, 2012

More big runDisney news this week!  On the heels of the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Marathon selling out, the Half Marathon and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge also sold out!  With over 58,000 runners participating in Marathon Weekend in 2013, it is sure to be full of excitement…I can’t wait!  Make sure to check out my full runDisney update over on WDW for Grownups!

Oh and did you hear, they are going to start serving beer and wine in the Magic Kingdom at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant.  It’s only been on EVERY Disney blog out there.  This has caused quite the debate among Disney fans and it’s been interesting to watch how emotional people are getting over it.  I think the folks over at Parkscope said it best.  I’ll just leave it at that…

Booze in MK wasn’t the only interesting thing in the blogosphere this week.  Take a look at these RAD Reads:

Running & Fitness Posts
Eat, Sleep, Run, Disney has great recaps of the Disneyland runDisney Meet-Up & Run and the Disneyland Half Marathon.  Jenn kicked ass with her 3 minute PR!  There are other great recaps over on Running with Sass and The Unlikely Competitor as well.

Running Toward the Prize had some pretty funny thoughts during her training run this week.  I need to start remembering the strange things I think about when running…it could be quite amusing.

I Run For Wine finished her first “official” 10K last week…congrats!  Megan also has a contest going for compression shorts and a $25 coupon is listed in the post!  Win!

Dr. Rachel Runs has eleven random running tips for us.  She always has the best advice!

FitFluential provides the top five ways to prevent (running) injuries.  I should really listen to these…

Disney Posts
This Happy Place Blog finished the really fun Dapper Day series with a guest post by Melissa from Mouse on the Mind, who actually attended Dapper Day at Disney Hollywood Studios.  She looked so cute!!!

Imagineering Disney takes us on a photo tour of EPCOT Center 30 years ago.  Short shorts and knee socks were all the rage in the early 80s.  This is only part 1…I can’t wait to see the rest!

Disney Bound puts together the cutest outfit inspired by Marie from the Aristocats (my all time favorite movie!).

A Pinch of Pixie Dust takes an in depth look at the peanut butter cupcake at the Main Street Bakery.  This looks sooooo good!!

Weekly Review
I haven’t felt 100% this week.  I’ve mentioned this before, but if you are a new reader you might not realize that I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis (UC).  I don’t talk about it often because I try to forget about it in times that I’m feeling ok.  Then out of the blue a flare will come on and I’ll feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train.  Besides the obvious physical symptoms that I’ll spare you the details on, I get incredibly fatigued.  For example, I slept for 10 hours last night and was ready for a nap by 2 pm.  Blech.  I haven’t had a serious flare in over a year, so it’s very frustrating considering how I’ve really been focusing on my health lately.  I recently started drinking whey protein shakes after my workouts to speed muscle recovery and I’m wondering if this is the cause.  I’m going to cut them out this week and see what happens…fingers crossed this calms down.

Despite feeling crappy, I completed 4 CrossFit workouts this week, and I think I’ve become officially obsessed.  I want to be at the box every day.  I want to be challenged.  I want to be impressed by other people’s strength.  I want to FEEL GOOD!  I love being able to fit in a killer workout in 60 minutes and feel like I just ran a half marathon.  I’m also getting more familiar with the WODs and realizing that I’m not alone in being semi-clueless.

Yesterday morning, my UC was in full swing, but I still decided to go to CrossFit.  The class was TOUGH…full of thrusters, farmer’s carries and 400m runs.  I was the last one to finish, but I finished and boy did it feel good.  Some days it’s ok to be last…I still felt like I won.  Yes, I came home and crashed for an hour, but it was well worth the accomplishment.  Oh and look at these calluses…

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be excited about calluses, but I can hardly contain myself!

Here’s my full week of training. To see my full WODs head over to my page on dailymile.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: CrossFit – 1 hour – Back Squats, KB Rows & 12 min amrap
Tuesday: CrossFit – 1 hour  – Lots of amrap (.87 miles running)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: CrossFit – 1 hour – Bench Press & Springs (.5 miles running)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: CrossFit – 1 hour – Thrusters & Farmers Carry (1 mile running)

Not too shabby for not feeling 100% 🙂

Now on to some non-Disney and some non-fitness fun.  We were visited by a giant skunk this week while making dinner.  We were using the grill like we do most nights and B was about to go get our chicken…until we saw him!  Waddling around checking out what smelled so good.

Mr. Skunk holding our chicken hostage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the new iPhone 5 was announced this week and pre-sales began on Friday.  B and I set our alarms for 2:50 am to make sure we were up for the 3 am pre-sale.  I sadly to interrupt this love fest in order to grab my laptop…so sad.

Yes, this is right next to my pillow…it’s clear why I occasionally don’t sleep well

We then set in for 30 minutes of annoyance, reloading and error messages, but we were finally able to order our phones through the Apple Store app on our phones.  There is something comical about the fact that the way to purchase an iPhone is on a iPhone.  Go figure.  All I know is I’m counting down the days until I have home button that works!

And finally, last night B and I went to the local Irish festival to have some good beer, good food and take in some good music.  It was a lot smaller than I expected, but we still had a good time.  I got my favorite Half & Half (Harp & Guinness) and we waited on line for about 30 minutes for a corned beef ruben.  Probably not the best thing to have during a UC flare, but sometimes my head wins.  I knew I would pay for it later, but in the moment I didn’t care.

B was making me laugh…I take horrible pictures!
Yum, Yum & Yum!

The music was fun, but we decided to leave just before dark and walk through town a bit.  We found the cutest bridge and caught a gorgeous sunset.  It wasn’t a perfect week, but it sure ended on a high note 🙂

B and the Bridge



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  • So… if you look at that picture of B… it looks like his hands are those flowers on the bridge!! Seriously, go look.

    I miss you lots. 🙂 I hope you feel better this week but sidenote what’s “whey” protein shakes? I kept thinking you spelt that wrong but I’m guessing it’s something I just don’t know. xo

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