The Great Medal Caper Update: Donald is in NYC!

The anticipation is building as we get closer to the reveal of the 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon Medal.  If you recall, last week Donald Duck stole the design for the medal because he wants a new medal of his own for the half marathon.  He’s taken off on a trip across the country, and today he has landed in New York City!

Two more levels have been unlocked since the start of Donald’s journey.  The first, which many of you I’m sure have seen is The Galloway.  What can I say about The Galloway?  Well, not much…it leaves me kind of speechless.  I love Jeff Galloway and use his run-walk method for my training and races, but this is a little painful to watch.  Oh Jeff…

The next level announced the launch of the new runDisney YouTube Channel.  This is great news because it will make it so much easier to find all of those fun runDisney videos without having to search through the entire ESPN Sports channel.  There are a lot of really fun videos on there, so make sure to head on over and check it out!

Hopefully the medal designs for both the Half and Full Marathons will be released by early next week.  I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what my first marathon medal will look like!  I’ll keep you posted on any new announcements…stay tuned!

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