I Survived Day One of CrossFit!

Yesterday was the first day of my 4 week/ 12 class On Ramp to CrossFit and I made it through!  I actually think I did quite well.  I’d taken 2 intro classes, so I knew what to expect but I was still nervous going in.  When I arrived, the gym was PACKED!  The 4:30 class was finishing up and there was a huge group waiting for the regular 5:30 class.  The music was loud and the energy was high.  Seeing all of these incredibly fit people was very motivating and I knew I made the right decision by signing up for this.

We were introduced to our coaches and then headed outside for a warm-up.  We walked out past the group class that was already outside and I felt like we were the class of new freshman coming into school and being paraded past the upperclassmen.  We’re out of shape and eager to get fit…bring it!  We then proceeded to do a group of embarrassing exercises like skipping, high knees and butt kicks.  Why yes, I do like to look ridiculous on my first day, thank you very much!


After all of that ridiculousness, we moved back inside to learn proper form.  This is very important to all of the movements that you do in CrossFit and it’s actually quite difficult to master.  Butt tight, abs in and shoulders down all at the same time.  You really have to concentrate to keep that position.  This is the core to all basic moves like squats, presses and push-ups, all of which we did a few practice rounds of.  We also did two 30 second planks while learning proper form for push-ups.  I am NOT a fan of planks…it always really hurts the heals of my hands!

The Dreaded Plank!

Now that we were all warmed up and prepped for our workout, we were given our marching orders.  We were to do this workout for time.  The goal is to see how fast you can complete it while keeping the proper form.  Then during the final class, we will do the same workout again to see how much we’ve improved.  Our coach said most people shave about 3 minutes off of their time.  So here’s the workout:

  • 200 meter run
  • 15/12/9 repetitions of air squats, push-ups and AbMat sit-ups
  • 200 meter run
I completed the circuit in 10:45.  I was happy with my time and best of all, I didn’t finish last 🙂  The hardest thing for me are the push-ups.  I have NO upper body strength…zero, zip, zilch, NONE!  I could only squeeze out 2 real push-ups before I had to switch to the girlie ones and I was still struggling.  Not so fun.
Air Squat
A Proper Push-Up…not mine
AbMat Sit-Ups

If you’re wondering what an AbMat is, it is a cushion that goes under your back while doing a sit-up.  It is shaped to contour to your back and help you keep the proper position and give you a full range of motion while doing sit-ups.  I’ve always had pain in my lower back when doing sit-up, and this alleviates all that pain… genius!

I’m a little sore today, but not too bad.  I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn tomorrow!  I’m hoping to really improve in the next month and drop a few pounds along the way.  My goal is to do this circuit in under 9 minutes…can I do it??


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