The Great Medal Caper – The 20th Anniversary WDW Marathon Medal Has Been Stolen!

Breaking news today on the runDisney Facebook page…the new design for the 20th Anniversary Walt Disney World Marathon medal has been STOLEN by none other than Donald Duck himself!!  Donald apparently wants a new medal for his half marathon in 2013 and in protest has stolen Mickey’s 20th Anniversary medal.  He has taken off and is traveling all over the country with it!

The Great Medal Caper has been launched on Facebook and they need OUR help in helping to find Donald.  Every time you like and share the various videos, photos and links, it will bring you one step closer to finding Donald and helping Mickey to reveal his medal!  It’s also promised that various runDisney “goodies” will be unlocked along the way.  I always love some runDisney goodies 🙂

Since this is my first marathon, I am SO EXCITED to see the design of this medal!  So head on over there and let’s find Donald.  The sooner we do, the sooner we get to see that bling!

Here’s how it all went down…

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