To Crossfit or Not to Crossfit…That is the Question

CrossFit seems to be everywhere these days.  I’m seeing training centers popping up all over and the CrossFit Games seem to be on high rotation on ESPN.  Is it a sign?  Should I give this crazy sport a try?

So what is CrossFit?  It’s a crazy, intense full body workout.  Oh, that doesn’t describe it well enough?  My bad…the word crazy is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this sport.  Here is some official information from the CrossFit website to give you a better idea: “The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.”

In layman’s terms, it’s a strength and conditioning program that is guaranteed to kick your butt and get you into shape.  For beginners, the program starts with On Ramp Classes, which are designed to ease you into the program and safely teach you all of the movements that are used in the program.  Things like…


Box Jumps:


and Clean & Jerks:

All of these make me want to hide my head under a pillow and never come out!  But if you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I have a serious issue with strength training, and what better way to commit myself than a 4 week (3 times per week) On Ramp program?!

The facility in my area offers free introductory classes on Saturdays and I have convinced myself to go this week.  I called and spoke to the owner, who reassured me that for the newbies (that’s me), they only give us the minimum weight to start with to ease us into the program.  This makes me feel a little better that I won’t die before the hour class is over.  I also spoke to my friend Jenn from Eat. Sleep. Run. Disney. who has been doing CrossFit for a while now, and she said the same thing about newbies being eased into the classes.  Phew!

Me #Fail

I am super excited to try this new exercise experience, but I am also terrified.  I have NO upper body strength.  No, that might be an understatement…I think I actually have negative upper body strength.  I grew up partaking in sports that required a lot of lower body strength.  Horseback riding, field hockey, etc…  My legs are like tree trunks, but my arms are like wet noodles.  I dream of having defined arm muscles and sexy shoulders, and I’m hoping CrossFit will be the answer.

I also want to increase my overall strength, stamina and endurance for the WDW Marathon in January.  I know that the stronger I get my body, the easier this marathon will be and the less likely I will be to sustain an injury during training.  Plus, the hopeful weight loss that will come with it is a big bonus.  I’m not doing well on the Lose a Marathon Challenge on my own, so hopefully the support at CrossFit will push me over the edge.

So what do you think?  Am I crazy?  Am I on the right track to achieving my fitness goals?  Either way, I’m going to try this introductory class and I’ll report back in my Weekly Review on Sunday…stay tuned!

Do you do CrossFit?  Any tips for a newbie?


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