Friday Feast: The Green Cabin Room at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

I recently visited Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for the first time and I can’t say enough good things about the resort.  The beach side setting is stunningly gorgeous and there are so many activities to keep all ages entertained during their stay.  And let’s not forget about the restaurants…oh boy is there some tasty food!

One afternoon, our group decided to head over the The Green Cabin Room for some drinks and appetizers.  A storm was rolling in, so we figured this would be a great place to kill some time after spending the morning on the beach.  The bar is located on the second floor of the main building at the resort and is named and themed after a ship wreck off the coast of Vero Beach.  The whole room is very welcoming with dark woods and cozy areas to sit, and there are tons of artifacts displayed along the walls.

Green Cabin Room Bar
Lounge Area

On the ceiling above the bar, there is an amazing mural that is supposed to look like an old, weathered treasure map of Florida.  Don’t forget to look up when you’re checking out all of the details!

Ceiling Mural

While the inside is really nice, the covered deck outside is the real gem of The Green Cabin Room.  Here you have a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and it is the perfect place to relax and watch a mid-day storm.

Gorgeous View of the Atlantic Ocean
(The storm is behind us…I swear!)

We ordered drinks while we perused the menu and I decided to go with a margarita, which is my go-to vacation beverage.  The menu here is mainly made up of various appetizers, but there is a burger and some flatbreads if you are looking for something a little more substantial.

The Green Cabin Room Menu

We decided to get a bunch of appetizers for the table and all share so we could sample different things.  First we have the Chicken Wings in a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce and the Barbecue Flatbread with Red Onion, Pepper Jack Cheese and Cilantro.  I was skeptical about the wings since I am a classic buffalo wing gal, but they were delicious.  They were very crispy and the sauce was a nice combination of sweet and spicy.  The flatbread was another winner.  All of the flavors went really well together.  My friend Amanda had a bad experience with the Four-Cheese Flatbread here before, so we were all a little skeptical going in and thankfully were pleasantly surprised.  (Read Amanda’s review here)  

Chicken Wings with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
Barbecue Chicken Flatbread

Next up we have the Southwestern Eggroll and the Caribbean Conch Fritters, both served with a Cilantro Cream Sauce.  I’m not a huge fan of southwestern eggrolls, but this was pretty good.  The outside was crispy and the black beans and veggies inside were seasoned really well.  The conch fritters on the other hand were out of this world.  I had never had a conch fritter before (which is apparently blasphemy to my Floridian friends) and I had no idea what to expect.  Let’s just say they are little fried balls of corn and seafood deliciousness.  The cilantro cream was a great dipping sauce and offset the little bit of heat that was in the fritters.  These were so good in fact, that we ordered a second plate.  I sure have been missing out!

Southwestern Eggroll
Caribbean Conch Fritters

And last, but certainly not least, I ordered the Crab Cakes with Crunchy Slaw and Chipotle Aioli.  This was my favorite out of all the dishes.  These were all crab with very little filler.  They were super crispy on the outside and light and moist on the inside.  The slaw was refreshing and the aioli had a nice smoky flavor with a slightly spicy kick to it.

This was a great lunch/mid-day snack.  Not only was the food good, but the beautiful setting made it even more enjoyable.  Oh and the company…that really was the BEST part!

The Vero Beach House Gang 🙂

I can’t wait to return to Vero Beach and check out The Green Cabin Room again.  Hopefully next time I can catch some of the live music they have there Wednesdays – Saturdays!

Have you ever visited The Green Cabin Room at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort?  What did you think?

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