RAD Reads and Weekly Review: July 15, 2012

This has been a HUGE week for us over here at Running at Disney!  Yesterday we transfered the site to a new server, which was quite the undertaking.  It took longer than expected, but it’s finished and everything is working smoothly.  I can’t thank my amazing husband Barry enough for all of the hard work he put into making this happen.  I could never have done it without his geeky expertise.  Thanks babe!

This was also a big week in runDisney news.  Registration opened for the 5th Princess Half Marathon with the promise of a new commemorative medal, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon sold out, a new course map was released for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, and a partnership with Runner’s World was announced for the 2013 WDW Marathon Weekend.  How exciting!

There was also a lot of other great information out in the internets this week.  Take a look at these RAD Reads

Running & Fitness Posts
Will Run for Margaritas has more great training tips as she discusses the importance of tempo runs.  This is something I don’t do, but it looks like I should add it to my training before the marathon. 

Running With Sass had her readers share their favorite race bling.  This is a really fun post and it’s so cool to see all of the different medals out there!

Peace Love & Oats had some great Thursday Thoughts this week on marathon running, self image and Harry Potter.  All very important things.

Disney Posts
The Disney Food Blog posted their Disney World Cheese Plate Gallery!  I want to try each and every one of these.

WDW Parkhoppers rock out at The House of Blues Concert Venue in Downtown Disney.  This looks like a great place to catch a show!

Zannaland takes us on a tour of the Best Pools in Walt Disney World.  What a great way to beat the heat!

Disney Every Day found some great vintage photos of the Swan & Dolphin Hotel’s construction.  That’s one giant swan!

Mouse on the Mind found this awesome Mother of Dragons shirt combining Disney with one over my favorite shows, Game of Thrones.  It’s geektastic!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my post on WDW for Grownups on the Princess Half Marathon!  I couldn’t be more excited for this race 🙂

Weekly Review
I was finally able to run again this week!  The Voltaren gel I’ve been using on my ankle has been great.  I started with a Spinning class and felt good, so I figured I was set to try for a run again.  I got 3.72 miles in yesterday and would’ve gone farther and faster if it wasn’t for the heat.  Actually, is wan’t the heat as much as it was the humidity.  I went through my bottle of water very quickly and was not feeling all that great about 1.75 miles in.  The good news is that I had no issues with my foot/ankle.  Woohoo!!

Here’s my total week of exercise:

Sunday: Easy walk – 10 minutes & Full body circuit – 40 minutes
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Spinning – 1 hour
Thursday: Full body circuit – 40 minutes
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3.72 mile run

I’m really glad to be fully exercising again and I’m going to be adjusting my original marathon training plan to space out my workouts more.  I need to be better about resting.  

This week I joined Weight Watchers to help me with my Lose a Marathon goal.  As I’ve mentioned before, my biggest issues when it comes to losing weight are portion control and the weekends.  (Geez, I must sound like a broken record!)  Weight Watchers helps me with the portion control issue.  I may not follow the program to a tee, but I am weighing my food and cutting back on how much I eat.  So far, it’s really working!  For last Monday’s weigh in, I had only lost 0.8 pounds from the previous week.  I checked again on Friday and I was down another 2.6 pounds after using the Weight Watchers plan…nice!

The plan also helps me to make better choices.  I’ve been reducing the amount of oil I used in cooking and in dressings this week, and I have also cut back on the amount of bread and cheese I’ve been eating.  Here’s a really healthy dinner of grilled shrimp and two summer salads I made this week.

Corn & Tomato Salad, Green Lettuce Salad with a Lemon Vinaigrette, and Grilled Citrus & Herb Shrimp

This morning Barry was having a craving for pancakes, so we went to our local breakfast joint.  I didn’t order my usual favorite of a delicious Mexican breakfast that includes black beans sautéed with peppers, onions and tomatoes, then stuffed in a flour tortillas with scrambled eggs and cheese.  Only to then be grilled on the flattop and served with sour cream, salsa and home fries.  Yes, it is SO incredibly yummy.  Instead, I ordered an egg white omelet with fresh spinach, portabello mushrooms and feta cheese, and you know what…it was just as good!  Plus an added bonus was that I didn’t feel like I had to be rolled out of the restaurant after eating.  The omelet came with home fries and whole wheat toast, which I didn’t finish.

YAY for smart meal choices!

Thanks for bearing with me while we did the server switch this weekend.  My posts were a little later than usual, but we will be back to your regularly scheduled program this week.  I hope you have a fantastic week and don’t forget to make better choices!

What were your good choices this week?

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