CSA Saturday: Week 6

I’ve made some yummy food with my basket items!!  First off, I really love beets.  I think roasted beets might be one of my favorite foods.  Barry says they taste like dirt, which I seriously don’t understand.  I made this delicious salad of roasted beets, arugula, goat cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.  I’m kind of happy Barry doesn’t like them because I had the entire salad to myself 🙂

Last week I also received fava beans, which I had never cooked with before.  Once I shelled and hulled the beans (quite the process!), I ended up with only a small amount of beans.  My hope was to make a puree, but as you can see there wasn’t enough for that, so I just quickly sautéed them in olive oil and herbs then mixed them in with roasted carrots.  It made a great side dish.

The Tedious Process of Fava Beans

This week I received some interesting things in my basket.  Yes there were the normal items like yellow squash, cucumber and more beets (YAY!), but then there were white carrots, savoy cabbage and tatsoi.  It was also a fruit week, so I got a pint of raspberries.

Beets, Tatsoi, Raspberries, Cucumber, Yellow Squash, Savoy Cabbage & White Carrots

The raspberries will probably be gone by the end of the weekend from snacking.  This is one of my favorite times of year when blueberries, raspberries and cherries are at their peak.  I have them plain for dessert and for snacks throughout the day.  Sadly, I can’t eat the squash or the cucumber because I’m allergic.  Barry has already devoured the cucumber and my coworker Karen will have a nice surprise on Monday with the squash.  The beets I will simply just roast again and put in a salad, and I’m thinking of using the tatsoi for the greens in that salad.  I’ve been researching tatsoi online since I don’t know anything about it, and it seems to have a mustardy taste.  I think this will nicely play off the sweetness of the beets.  Then there is the cabbage and the carrots.  I’m not a huge fan of cooked cabbage, so I’m thinking of shedding both and making a nice slaw to pair with some BBQ chicken.  That could be tasty!  I’m excited to try a new vegetable and also very happy to have some old favorites this week.  Once again, my CSA does not disappoint!

One other thing I’m really excited about this week is that the farm stand has officially opened at the farm where I get my CSA.  For the rest of the summer, they will have a bounty of fresh veggies from their farm and other local farms for sale.  I pretty much stop going to to the grocery store for 2 months and shop here.  Inside the “barn” they also have local breads, local dairy products and other specialty items.  Two of my favorite things are the amazing mozzarella cheese they get from Liuzzi’s in North Haven, CT, and my FAVORITE brand of hummus called Sonny & Joe’s.  I have searched far and wide and have not been able to find this hummus anywhere else in CT.  It is delicious!

Fresh Mozz!
Best Hummus on the Planet!
I had to dig in!!!

This hummus is great with carrot sticks, pita chips, or my favorite…pretzels!  It’s not overly salty like a lot of store-bought hummus and the sprinkling of oregano on top adds a nice flavor.  YUM!!

Any other fun ideas on what to make with this basket? 

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