CSA Saturday: Week 5

Well I finally finished all of the greens left from week 3.  First I made kale chips.  I followed the recipe from my CSA newsletter, but I think 35 minutes was a little too long to leave them in the oven because they were right on the cusp of being burnt.  I had high hopes for these, but they weren’t my favorite.

Kale Chips

Next up, I braised the rest of the kale and swiss chard with shallots and garlic in a little chicken stock.  Towards the end I added some red chile pepper to spice it up a bit.  This is by far my favorite way to eat greens…the flavor is amazing!

Braised Kale & Swiss Chard

Last week I started picking the carrots from my garden, which is so exciting!  I love to be able to come home pick some carrots and roast them up for dinner.  I mixed them with some blanched peas and it was the perfect side dish for some BBQ chicken!

Peas & Roasted Carrots

I was glad to see that this week’s basket had less greens, but I still got more lettuce and swiss chard.  New items were kohlrabi, fava beans and green squash.

Green Squash, Swiss Chard, Fava Beans, Red Leaf Lettuce & Kohlrabi

Sadly, I’m allergic to all squash so the zucchini all goes to Barry.  The wild cards for me are the fava beans and the kohlrabi.  Thankfully, the farm included some recipes for these.  First is a fava bean puree with garlic and lemon.  This might be good as a dip for the carrots from my garden.  The other preparation of sautéing the beans in butter in herbs sounds good, but probably won’t help me lose that marathon.

I’ve never had kohlrabi before and from the recipes I’ve received it can be eaten either raw or cooked.  The taste is apparently slightly reminiscent of broccoli stalks.  I will either be making a kohlrabi slaw with carrots and herbs or I will simply roast it in the oven.

Any other ideas for fava beans or kohlrabi? 

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