CSA Saturday: Week 4

I still have quite a few things left over from week 3, so this weekend will be filled with cooking and catching up.  I fell behind last year as well.  I get a little sick of greens by this point, but it’s time to get creative because this week I got more.  However I did make a great healthy version of fried rice with my beet greens and it was fantastic!

I sautéed up some chicken, then added peas, shredded carrots, garlic and the beet greens.

Once the greens wilted, I added cooked brown rice, a beaten egg and a little low sodium soy sauce.  Mixed it all together until the egg was cooked through and finished it off with some chopped scallions.  Regular fried rice calls for you to actually fry the rice additional oil, which I think can be overly greasy.  Even though I left this step out, it tasted just as good…if not better.

Finished “Fried” Rice

This week I was glad to see more beet greens, but this time with actual full sized beets!  I’m definitely going to be roasting those up and adding them to a salad with the arugula I got this week, some goat cheese and chives from my garden.  Also in this week’s basket was bok choy, green leaf lettuce and english peas.  I LOVE fresh peas and I was thinking a pea pesto.  Has anyone tried that?  My wild card is the bok choy.  I’ve never been a big fan and would love some great recipe ideas.

Purple Beets, Arugula, English Peas, Bok Choy & Green Leaf Lettuce

I certainly have a busy weekend of healthy cooking ahead of me!  What would you make with this basket?

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