Friday Feast: Boma Breakfast Coma

Without a doubt, Boma is my favorite breakfast on Walt Disney World property.  Not only is it an all you can eat buffet (great for those post race munchies!), but you can find some incredibly interesting dishes, making this a very unique dining experience.

Boma is located on the lower level of the Jambo House at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The restaurant was designed to resemble an outdoor African market and in true Disney fashion the themeing is spot on.  Make sure to look up at the exquisite detailing in the “thatched roofs” and tapestries.  Given that the entire restaurant (including the kitchen) is open, it tends to be a bit loud especially around the busier meal times.  Tables in the back near the windows tend to be quieter, so request those if you are looking for a quieter breakfast.

I’ve found it to be fairly easy to get a breakfast reservation there, especially if it’s later in the morning around 10 am.  Once you are seated, your server will great you and take your beverage order.  Trust me and get the Jungle Juice.  It’s a a combination of orange, guava and papaya juice and is really yummy!  Now let’s hit that buffet!

The first thing we see on the right side of the buffet are these giant rotisseries over a wood burning fire.  Here is where the ham and turkey are prepared for the carving station.  The ham is my favorite because it has this nice smokey flavor from the wood.  It goes so well with the Boma mustard, which is a sort of sweet mustard glaze, and I am obsessed with it!

Wood Burning Rotisserie
Carving Station and Boma Mustard!

Next to the carving station are an interesting array of vegetables like grilled tomatoes, asparagus and Chakalaka, which are spicy stewed tomatoes and onions.  Here we also have Pap, a white cornmeal porridge, and Quinoa with a variety of accompaniments, such as dried fruit, nuts and spices.

Moving down the line, we come to some more familiar items like scrambled eggs, a make-your-own omlette station, breakfast potatoes, bacon and sausage.  But we’re not here for the familiar right?!  On my last visit, I was very disappointed to find that my beloved Goat Cheese and Chive Scrambled Eggs were gone.  In their place were Spinach, Tomato and Feta Scrambled Eggs, which were very good, but not the same.  Disney Dining, if you’re reading…bring back the goat cheese!!  I’d still recommend going for the spinach version over the plain ‘ole eggs.  Also at this station is French Toast Bread Pudding served with a warm Pecan Praline Sauce.  If you have a sweet tooth, this is for you!

One of the most unique dishes on the buffet is the Bobotie.  This best way to describe this is as a quiche with interesting African spices.  This is another one of my favorites here, but yet again they made a change.  It used to be served with corned beef, but it now has ground turkey.  I kind of liked this substitution as a healthier option and all the flavor was still there.  Even if you’re not a very adventurous eater, give it a try!

At the end of the line are the pastries, which they definitely do not skimp on!  The sticky buns are nice and gooey and covered in pecans, and the croissants are perfectly flaky.  There are also bagels, toast, banana bread and scones.  But my favorite have to be the mini muffins…orange bran in particular.  I could easily eat the whole basket of these and usually end up with a few in my pockets as I’m walking out of the restaurant.  (Hopefully Disney Dining has now stopped reading this post 😉 )  Oh and don’t forget all of the great jams to go along with the pastries.  Orange marmalade and croissants = YUM!

Croissants, Scones & Marmalade
Mini Muffins!

As you can see, Barry and I go all out at Boma and usually have multiple plates.  My plate is always piled high and you will see me slowly rolling my way out of there after my meal in a Boma Coma.  The great thing about eating at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is that you can walk off some of your meal by taking a stroll around the Savannah to see some of the animals.  So make a trip over to the Jambo House on your next visit to the World and give Boma a try.  You can thank me later 🙂

Plate of Deliciousness!
(Jungle Juice in the Background)

Have you been to Boma for breakfast?  What is your favorite item?

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