Can I Actually Lose a Marathon?

Yes, I’m sure I could easily come in last place in a marathon…I’m sure we all could!  What I actually want to do is lose 26.2 pounds, a marathon distance, before I run my first marathon in January!  Run with Jess is having a marathon weight loss challenge that just started this week and I am on board!

This came along at the perfect time for me as I begin my marathon training.  My goal was to lose 20 pounds before the Walt Disney World Marathon, so why not go for 26.2?!  The challenge looks like it is going to be a great support system with weekly newsletters, recipes, mini challenges and even prize giveaways!  Who doesn’t like giveaways??

So who’s with me?  Will you join the challenge?  There’s also a half marathon weight loss challenge for those of you who are already halfway there.  I’m hoping this will help keep me accountable since I have trouble with weight loss because I just love food too much.

So join me.  Registration closes on Monday, June 25th.  Let’s cross that finish line a whole marathon lighter!

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