CSA Saturday: Week 3

This past week I was plagued with a sinus infection, so I didn’t get as adventurous with my CSA from week 2 as I would’ve liked.  I was more interested in making warm comforting foods, so needless to say I have plenty of lettuce leftover.  I made one of my favorite soups, which is an Almond Chicken Soup with Sweet Potato, Kale and Ginger.  Not only is this soup REALLY good, it’s really good for you.  Yes it sounds strange, but trust me on this one.  For another meal, I braised some of the kale and tossed it with some macaroni with butter and parmesan.  This kicked up my usual go to meal for when I’m sick.

I roasted last weeks radishes with some carrots for a good side dish and used the broccoli in a tasty dish that I featured in yesterday’s Friday Feast.  I still had some escarole left over from the week before and made more Old World White Beans and Escarole, which is slowly becoming my favorite meal.  Good thing I got more escarole this week!

Let’s look in this week’s basket.

Radishes, Fennel, Scallions, Lacinato Kale, Escarole & Swiss Chard

Besides the escarole (which we know what I’m making with that), I got more radishes and lacinato kale this week.  I still need to give kale chips a try, so that will happen with this abundance of kale.  The radishes will most likely be roasted again because that was really good.

New things this week are fennel, swiss chard and scallions.  The scallions will go in salads with the leftover lettuce from last week and the swiss chard will get braised with some shallots and butter (YUM!).  The fennel is the wild card for me.  I’m not a huge fennel fan, but I don’t mind it roasted.  Hmmmm….

What would you make with this basket?  Do you have any good fennel recipes?

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