Race Recap: Leading Up to the Virginia Wine Country Half

Last weekend was the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon.  As I’m sure you know by now, I signed up for the race in January as part of Team Challenge.  What I didn’t realize when I signed up was that I had a HUGE conference for work that I was managing.  For some reason the dates didn’t register as being an issue because I think I was so excited to get started fundraising for CCFA.  It wasn’t until March when it actually clicked and I started to become really nervous about what I was taking on, but at that point I was committed and had already received a significant amount of money.  I couldn’t let my donors down!

So the week of the race came and needless to say, I was completely stressed out.  I had to pack for 2 trips, this conference was looming over me, and there was a lot of car travel in my future.  Needless to say, the conference was a huge success, but it was also very tiring.  Looooong days and a lot of walking, which made my legs and feet tired.  Not good for the days leading up to a half marathon.

I left the conference early on Friday and drove the hour home to switch suitcases and say hi to my cats for a quick second…they totally missed me 🙂

Then it was off to pick up the hubs, grab some lunch and hit the road.  On my way to pick him up I realized I forgot my iPod for the race…ugh.  I don’t like using my phone for music because I like to keep the battery for photos and tweets, you know, the important things!  Luckily there is an Apple store by Barry’s job and there is also a Pinkberry, which totally cheered me up.  The detours set us back a bit and we left about an hour later than expected, but fingers were crossed we’d still make the Team Challenge Pasta Party.

My favorite!
Snazzy New Shuffle

As soon as Barry took the wheel, it was time to slap on my calf compression sleeves and stretch my legs a bit.  They felt so tired from the past 3 days and I wanted to work my muscles out for the race the next morning.  Oooh how I love these things!

Compression Sleeves RULE

The drive was tedious and we hit quite a few strong storms along the way, but after 6 long hours we made it.  I missed the expo, but thankfully my awesome endurance manager picked up my race packet for me.  We were also late for the pasta party and the program had started just was we got there.  We grabbed a plate and headed in to sit with my team.  A few CCFA execs spoke and got the team motivated for the race.  They also announced the top 10 fundraisers for the race and the totals were amazing!  The top fundraiser raised $30,000!

Lastly, the number 5 fundraiser from New Jersey (I wish I could remember her name!) gave a truly inspirational speech.  She has suffered from Crohn’s diseases from many years and told the very difficult story of how she ended up her.  She had me in tears at the end of her speech, but more excited than ever to get out there and run for this fantastic cause.

Team Challenge Pasta Party

After the pasta party, we had a team meeting to go over all of the details of the race tomorrow.  By this time, I was running on fumes and needed to hit the hay.  We checked into our room, I quickly got my gear ready for the morning, and set my alarm for 3:45 am.  The team was meeting in the lobby at 4:45 am sharp so I settled in for my 5 hours of sleep.  Stay tuned for the race recap!

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